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  1. Hi, does anyone know how I can solve it
  2. Grazie @Soryn Official per il tuo aiuto
  3. Salve vorrei sapere come funziona VTC TruckersMp si possono postare le gare cioe "Da Roma a Milano" km percorsi etc.. come su TrucksBook
  4. Solved you can close the topic @Savage.
  5. I haven't found it yet @Savage. I did as he says but nothing opens it in the Browser @Lukavsky TMP
  6. Hi does anyone know how i can put telemetry-server on the phone without me opening it in Browser Link Telemerty-Server as in this video my phone Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 Sorry for my english !
  7. Double Trailers Jump Bug or ? Jump Trailer
  8. Done Problem Solved! Thanks, Sentinel_
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