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  1. Hi hjc86, Thank you, but there's no need. If it's an open source program, I prefer to go to the source instead of third party sites - and I have the repositories with built binaries linked above.
  2. For anyone looking for your steam cloud profiles, they're stored in a different place: <Steam-folder>\userdata\<user-id>\270880\remote\profiles\<user-id>\save\ The link to SII Decryptor seems to be broken in the OP. For everyone's reference, here are the GitHub repos I'm aware of: CaptainFlint/wcx_sii_decrypt - A plugin for Total Commander. It does a released plugin available for download! JhowDroid / SII_Decrypt - This looks like a clone of the original Pascal SII Decrypt, and I think the creator has even contributed to this one. Executables seem to be available here. I'm really tempted to start a .Net project now.
  3. No, not every trailer. I think I was able to do two loads after this video without clipping through my trailer. I've noticed that when this clipping issue happens, it tends to happen when another trailer is already spawned at its location. I'll open a ticket, thanks everyone!
  4. Since the last few days that I've started playing, my truck will often clip through World of Trucks trailers that I'm going to pickup. When I get too far, the trailer suddenly becomes solid and glitches out. If the job is suspended and restarted, the result is the same. The only thing I can do is abandon the cargo. Is there any way to work around this issue while still using World of Trucks? YouTube Video
  5. If I could interrupt the debate for a moment, the game (ATS) always crashes whenever I type in /vote in the chat. According to the ATSMP log, it seems like the crash is actually to do with AMD graphics drivers. Exe base address: 00007FF690180000 Exception address: 0000000072437F6A Exception code: C0000005 (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION) Exception flags: 0 Module file name: C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\c0321058.inf_amd64_c0aa1a2b512afe19\atio6axx.dll Address without base: 0000000001937F6A My driver version is 23.20.15002.11 (Radeon v. 17.12.1) . Anyone else with AMD graphics drivers seeing this issue? There's a minor update available so I'll try installing that and see if it fixes the crash.
  6. Ah, half way through page 1, I see it now...
  7. I was about to make a new topic for my question before I realized that the map wasn't associated with TruckersMP... Quick question, what's up with the ATS live map? It's only showing players, but no actual map information. No roads or cities.
  8. Can someone explain to me what these mean? Is the D3D library not required because ETS2 already handles getting a graphics device? And what's this toolset? Yes, hopefully! I believe we'll have less crashing due to out-of-memory errors, which are very likely on a game with lots of trucks in one place!
  9. This reminds me of a line from some sort of comedy-documentary;
  10. Thank you. I can not express how much this bugged me. I remember posting about it to, and everyone pretty much said "yeah too bad, can't be fixed so suck it up". I knew you guys could fix it.
  11. Cool, when was EU#1 set to 3,500 players max? I had a feeling it wouldn't stay at 2,300 forever
  12. Thanks for another update You guys might want to consider pushing updates during non-peak hours though...
  13. It's twice as good as UTF-8!
  14. Kung Fu didn't know what they were talking about
  15. Honestly, some of you need to calm down about this whole speedlimiter thing. Any time it gets touched it's like a communal band-aid is being ripped off. First of all, it was only removed on EU #2, which IIRC was like that anyways awhile ago. Secondly, EU #1 was not changed. The speed limiter is still set at 110Km/h. I remember when most of the community was upset when the speed limiter was totally removed - it seems like 110 has been a good compromise.
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