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Status Updates posted by DrEGZo

  1. So I think I'll also tell you my point of view for this /fix feature...


    The things that are most important in my opinion:

    • There are some steps needed in order to avoid abuse of that command.
    • Everyone should be able to use it, no restrictions based on bans/the kind of vehicle/anything similar.
    • It should not be like the No damage mod, because that mod was easy to abuse. 
    • It should be useful and make a difference to F7 (and not only a difference of time).


    The first point is the most important one for me. The recently added cooldown would solve that at all, hence this is one possbible solution. But I noticed a lot of disagreement and I do understand it. There is no guarantee that you need to use this command less than every 10 minutes. Perhaps you crash twice after a short time and you have to use F7 again.

    So that is not the best solution.


    I would like to replace the timer by another condition: it should be impossible to use this command when the vehicle is moving. Reason: it's also to prevent abuse for trolling. Additionally, at the moment this way of fixing is already possible: stop your truck, save your game, remove the wear, load the game, done. The command would do something that has been possible all the time by save editing - but it has one advantage: it is faster.

    And if anyone still has concerns as for abuse: we could also keep the cooldown and set it to a lower time, for example 60 seconds (should be enough, but not too much).


    You should not be able to use it only with an attached trailer. I mean, you can also crash accidentally when you don't have a trailer. And for this case, you still have to F7, and the  command would be useless. It should be also available for cars, because crashing with a car is much more common as you might know, hence it needs the command even more urgently. Some people might think that this would be an advantage for trollers. I tell you: as long as other trucks ram me when I am driving a car, this command needs to be usable for cars as well.


    Regarding WoT jobs... I think it doesn't make that much sense to prohibit it for WoT contracts. I mean, everyone should recognize (at the latest when they tried it once) that it doesn't work. And even if you try it, you might spawn on the middle of the road - but that's what we got ghost mode for. So no big deal here, I don't think that there are any restrictions necessary.


    Oh, and one last point... It makes no sense to remove the wear of the truck only. This is the thing making this command special.


    The /fix command should not add anything new. It should only support things that are available by save editing (means: stopping, removing wear from truck and trailer, continuing the trip). The advantages: it can be used by players that don't have experience in save editing, and it is also faster and less inconvenient. 


    It would add nothing new and would be still be useful. Nobody would have a reason to complain anymore.

    1. Titanic4


      There's one thing regarding WoT jobs and /fix command: When the command is used while delivering something via WoT, the truck will stop as soon as the WoT sync error shows up on the player's screen, which may cause some dangerous situations on the road due to reaction time of the user combined with reaction time of braking system. 

    2. DrEGZo


      You've got a point

      I don't know how much effort it is, but if possible, disabling it for WoT jobs (as other players have suggested previously could solve that issue. 
      At least WoT drivers are not faster than 90km/h, hence there is still a chance to brake at time... in some cases maybe not.

  2. 629A903383D7EBE16F14DC7640DE9E3905DBE0F3

    Night trip w/ @Spieker

    1. [MCG] Kien Giang

      [MCG] Kien Giang

      nice photo and trucks B)

  3. BA72A76D4F377932799154A9C27C0B6E8BC65CFC




    @Rev. @.weezy @derpatrick9 @Pfefferdose Thank you all for the nice ride ^_^

    1. Kid Fabi

      Kid Fabi

      was nice to see you all on the highway near Napoli :D 

    2. DrEGZo


      Yeee we saw you too :D 

  4. FA32D8606B303ABBF3819B791066F9EA1A90E577



    1. LSPD Gamer

      LSPD Gamer

      I guess who has which truck...

      White Truck is @Rev.

      Black Truck is @derpatrick9

      Orange Truck you @DrEGZo


    2. DrEGZo
  5. Day trip on ATS w/ @Shawk2k50, later also with derpatrick9




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    2. [WT] AlexXX

      [WT] AlexXX

      Ah I see, racing your Skodas on the race track to find out which ones the best. :P

    3. Rev.


      Didn't know 'Insanely Low' graphics quality was a thing. :troll:

  6. ETS2 night trip with @derpatrick9 :) 


    1. Rev.


      Banned for blocking. ;)

    2. derpatrick9


      It was EU4 perhaps,who knows :ph34r:

  7. Have been in New Mexico for hours today together with @Liondog177


    1. Samito_BG


      Nice trucks, nice photo man ! Good Day be happy with this dlc !:):)

  8. Here's a little story that happened to me today:


    As mentioned in my previous status update, I was on a trip with Liondog.We went to the landslide on highway 1 and parked in front of it. As you may know, it's difficult to turn around there, hence I left my trailer a couple of miles behind me. I thought "No one else is here, so nobody cares if I park my trailer on the road instead at the rest area. 

    I was so wrong....

    We hang out on in front of the landslide some time like this...



    ... and suddenly I spotted a player behind us.

    I wanted to turn around and grab my trailer back as fast as possible, you know, some people like reporting others for things like that...

    And then I got a shock...

    It wasn't just one player, it was a whole convoy - and in the middle of it - @BAKERPK [PL] [ENG]

    That was so embarrassing :unsure: My first thought was - rip, ban incoming. But fortunately, I missunderstood the situation, and BAKERPK was kind and understanding, he even offered to teleport me to service since my double has sank into the ground :) Thank you bud, maybe we'll see some time again ingame :D 

    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Looking at that screenshot now... hmm... you know... I think that's a sign! (Pun intended) :troll:

    2. DrEGZo
    3. DrEGZo
  9. Hey ho! :D

    Ich wünsche dem Ingame-Admin @RayRay5

    • der jederzeit bereit ist, der Community auszuhelfen, sei es bei Fragen, technischen Problemen, ganz egal was,
    • der nie ein böses (nicht mal sarkastisches) Wort in den Mund nimmt und immer freundlich bleibt, selbst wenn es in der Situation vertretbar gewesen wäre,
    • der sofort anbietet, auszuhelfen, wenn man an einer Kreuzung im Stau mit 200 anderen Fahrern mal wieder am verzweifeln ist
    • und der meiner Meinung nach ein Vorbild ist, an dem sich so einige Teile des Teams eine Scheibe abschneiden könnten,

    viel Glück und Erfolg in seinem Leben und seiner (Ingame-)Karriere, sowie nicht zu vergessen...



    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag!

    1. LSPD Gamer

      LSPD Gamer

      Sehr berührende Worte <3


    2. DrEGZo


      Wahre Worte vor allem!

      Ich hätte auch einfach Happy Bithday schreiben können, aber das wäre zu langweilig gewesen 

    3. LSPD Gamer

      LSPD Gamer

      Glaube ich dir

      Ja, nur "Happy Birthday" zu schreiben währe langweilig.

      Ein Mitglied, das so lange sein Dienst mach muss richtig gelobt werden.

  10. I am participating in an Advent calendar, that consists of 24 math problems (one per day until christmas).

    The tasks are always quite interesting, so if you also want to try it out, you can still participate (it exists in German, English and Dutch).


    Just wanted to show you the problem for today... maybe you find the correct of the 10 ansers ;) 



    Please be reminded that publishing the solution or something similar is prohibited. 

  11. I had prepared this little beast for the truckfest by @notrevolution tomorrow...

    But now I have to sell it without having used it for its purpose :unsure:



    I still can't believe that you canceled it because of another event. As if everybody was on the event road for 24/7 and nobody had the time to attend on the truckfest for 20 minutes. 

    1. Rev.




    2. DrEGZo


      Some people waiting for its beginning


  12. Is it possible to see the reactions on his own status updates?

    Either I'm blind or it's a bug...


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    2. DrEGZo


      You can. At least I can see how you reacted, maybe Anriandor's reaction is invisible :ph34r:

    3. DrEGZo


      E-Mail from "TruckersMP": Somebody liked a reply to a status update... Meh - it's called "reacted to" now ;)

  13. New game rules - again.


    Unfortunately, it was not clear which rules had changed and which ones not. So I had to read them all once again <_<


    I'm glad that some rules became clearer than before. The rule of "one full-lenght trailer" is there again (unfortunately :D


    The rules about doubles are similar to the previous ones. 


    What does configuration mean? Only the job configuration? Or is it the same like "any kind of save editing"?


    "Changing ... trailers is not allowed"

    So for the future, we are not longer allowed to click on the little cog and choose another trailer than default? That would mean, you CANNOT GET A TRIPLE IN MP, as you can only choose it by clicking on the cog. 

    And what about the weight and the painjob? And why aren't we allowed to change the kind of cargo? This has absolutely NO IMPACT on the gameplay. 

    Another point: If we can only take the job as offered, we cannot create a triple. You should know that they are quite rare and I would really appreciate it if I was allowed to get them by save editing.


    I probabely got something wrong as the rules are not 100% clear, but I hope @scarface0359 can correct me if I am wrong ^_^


    Now, the second sentence


    Ok, the explaination of "illegal in other countries" disappeared, that's nice.

    But there is a contradiction. Some jobs, mostly from the scania or volvo factory have a destination which is not in Scandinavia, by default.

    So you can be banned for accepting this job, even if you don't know nything about save editing.


    I'm just sad :( Doubles are not that dangerous. These reactions are excessive in my opinion. I can understand that these rules were made to keep the servers safe, but they are too strict. For example, the change minor things on doubles like the paintjob don't has a bad impact on anything. And even if you want to keep them away from CD (what I can understand), it's not necessary to prohibit doubles on the whole map except Scandinavia.



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    2. [23]ThunderSky


      I think we should just keep waiting and see what's gonna happen. Speaking with peoples or with admins ( that makes rules..) is just useless.

    3. DrEGZo



      Next up, a screenshot of a reply on a messenger such a Discord has no claim to validity whatsoever.

      @Anriandor I know, but this message was sent by scarface as an explaination of the rules. It is no rule itself, I know about this.

  14. On a short drive between Calais and Duisburg with @Just_AHD


  15. Short but nice trip w/ @notrevolution



  16. Such a great day on ATS... thanks for the amazing trip @Liondog177 and @notrevolution <3

    And - finally - WoT Event accomplished (-:



    1. Rev.


      Will be on again tonight for sure!

    2. Liondog177


      I loved it, it was a lot of fun!! Let's hope next time we don't get trailers messing haha. We need to go to Eureka as we can get over 1000mile jobs out of there.

  17. Thanks for the amazing trip @derpatrick9

    Immer gerne wieder ;) 


    1. derpatrick9


      Thanks for the trip 2 ^^

  18. Today is a special day. Not just because of the NM DLC :D 

    Rather because of the things that happened today some years ago.


    The 9th November is called the Schicksalstag ("day of fate") of Germany. This term is used because several incidents of the German history happened on this date - celebratory things as well as pretty awful things.




    In commemoration of the Schicksalstag.

    1918: proclamation of the Weimar Republic and German Revolution 

    1923: Beer Hall Putsch

    1938: Reichspogromnacht 

    1989: fall of the Berlin Wall and end of the German sepertion


    Detailed information can be found here (if anyone's interested).

    1. LSPD Gamer

      LSPD Gamer

      Deutschland bleibt stehen, egal was passiert.


  19. Today's night... 73 years ago... ringing alarm bells...  roaring planes... and a whole city on fire.


    And it happened at where I live today.


  20. Well... I guess that posting facebook links in the chat is not permitted... even if it was accidentally and the link to the official TMP profile... <_<



  21. What is better than any TMP event? Cruising through Scandinavia with @derpatrick9 instead of lagging together with 999 other random players between Calais and Venezia ;)B)

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