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  1. Dear Polish friends,





    I still cannot believe what happened.


    I know one thing for sure. There is obviously a conflict between you and the team of TruckersMP. I don't know exactly who started it or whose fault it is since both parties are stating the opposite. Furthermore I don't know what made you having this disgusting view of the team.


    But you know what? It doesn't even matter.


    Short explaination how to solve a conflict:
    What to do: Both parties have to try to find a solution that is fair and also accepted by both parties. In order to do so, it is really important to treat each other equally and to communicate together on a reasonable basis. Remember that if only one of the parties refuses to look for a compromise, the whole try to solve the conflict has failed and it'll keep unsolved.
    What NOT to do: Trying to hurt the other party, blocking the other party, not listening to the other party, saying that all-I-say-is-true-and-everyone-else-is-a-liar, posting bloody pictures, intentionally spamming social media, insulting the other party, taking profile pictures of the other party and combining them with inappropriate picture (not being more specific here, you know what I mean), trying to make everything better by making it worse.


    I don't know in which way TruckersMP tried to solve the conflict. They stated that they tried it while you blame them hiding the truth. As I said I don't know it nor does it even matter.


    Because I know that you in particular didn't even try to solve it. You decided rather to start a war. Do you even know that you cannot win? If you continue the same way as yesterday then you'll end up in being banned from all TMP services and life continues as it did before... just without you. Is that really worth? All the hate you are spreading will have no impact in future. All you do is shooting yourself in the foot.


    At the moment I don't care what TMP did right or wrong. I only care that you made a huge disgusting mistake, and you are not even aware of it. You blame TMP acting against you? Don't you see what you did before? Then why do you complain? If you insulted/spammed me, I would also start to act against you. That's just common sense.

    It makes me sad seeing longtime team members leaving the team, destroying their career/reputation and starting to insult their former friends. Why? Just why? I have expected more from you.


    I don't want to start a discussion again, I just wanted to tell you my disappointment. I hope that at least some of you will recognize what they actually did. Please do not try to make it worse and apologize to the people that you might have hurted. It will not change your situation, but maybe you'll feel better afterwards.
    You are also human beings like everyone else here. All you need to do is showing it!

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