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  1. The Trailers spawn as soon as you're in a good Range of the Company (dunno exactly how much), that means even if you still can't see the Company there might be another Player inside the Company that spawns a Trailer on Top of yours making yours sink / fly / slide around. The only Thing I found that helps is look at the Jobs list before selecting the Load and then look for the Trailer on the Company Yard that's shown in the Picture next to the Job (is it there parked normally or is it not there or parked in an unnormal Spot - if so, save your Game and Reload it - the Trailer should be in a norm
  2. Also a big Thank You from my Side! I played most of today on the new Update and never had a Crash or a bad Lag, neither was I afraid of Traffic Light Crossings as the Lights are working perfect now! Plus I've noticed that Hotels are NCZ now, I didn't read that anywhere but it's great!
  3. So it seems the new Update causes alot of Problems... Guess I will wait for a Fix until I play online again. Won't be able to use my Computer next 2 Days anyways because of Work out of Town

  4. Thanks that worked! It was disabled in general Steam Settings!
  5. Nope as I already had it installed since it was implemented so with this new install I only chose the Client, I still have the Wintermod Checkbox in Settings but I don't use it anyway...
  6. So now I rebooted the whole System, the Steam Profile Button still doesn't work but, just to let you know I don't have snowy Rain, my Rain is normal...
  7. I do so, I hold Right, do a left click on the Name it gets orange, then move Cursor to the Steam Profile Button and click on it, it flashes Orange and after that the Mouse Cursor is gone but I don't have another Window though...
  8. After clicking on the Name it's marked but when clicking on Steam Profile nothing happens...
  9. Actually it's not a bad Thing, we have to wait to get our Connection, but so will the Bad Ones that have been kicked too... So maybe some will think twice before doing S*** as they have to wait for sometimes quite a while to get into the Game again
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