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  1. Here in Sao Paulo never snows :/ The maximum cold that I saw was of 1°C
  2. Good video, but here in south hemisphere the summer are coming
  3. Bom, acho que a única solução será criar sua própria conta no Steam e comprar o ETS2, após isso jogar por no mínimo 2 horas e se registrar novamente no Truckers MP Boa sorte.
  4. Busy City Holiday A very good car broked or A very old car in perfect state
  5. Rules: 1 - Don't use real licence plates, use only examples from google or other sites Let's start The 1st plate (Red with white ) are of buses, trucks, taxis, etc. The 2nd plate (Green with white) manufacturer plates for vehicles under testing, dealer-testing, or in some cases test-drive (in most cases test-drive cars are registered to the dealership and thus use black on grey plates; privately owned cars being tested after repairs usually carry dealer-fitted green plates over their black on grey plates) (Wikipedia text) The 3rd plate (Blue with white) diplomatic use The 4rd plate (White with red) are of auto school The 5rd plate (White with black) Privately owned and government-owned cars and the last plate (Black with gray) are of collector's items ===================BONUS================= Plate of presidents of chambers, mayors, presidents of legislative assemblies, governors, presidents of courts and others. And this, merco sul plate, the new licence plate of brazil Sorry the bad english.
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    New sound?

    This was a big coincidence. Mod, pls close the topic?
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