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  1. Released

    @Kat_pw After update when I want to Drive my truck by clicking on "Drive!" the game crashes instantly. That's not a question, but just an heads up.
  2. 750hp mod not working in multiplayer.

    Well... here's the thing, I do not want to modify an ALREADY existing engine, I do want for the specified engine (Volvo 750BHP engine) to just plain work in MP... the mod I found (which has been tested by other players) is MP compatible. Hereby I do not want to have to decompile the code once again and recompile it...
  3. 750hp mod not working in multiplayer.

    Ok, there is my reply, I bought a Scania with the 750hp engine fitted from the dealership, customized it (in SP), but in MP the engine auto downgrades to a 360hp engine. I even tried to place the .scs file into TruckersMP mods folder... but nothing.
  4. Might want to calm it with the status'. The Private Message function also exisits

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      HAHAHA ! Good one, Yeah Krav's a bit of a status kind of guy.

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      Called Hyperbole mate.

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      ye cos i get bare rep in status


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  5. 750hp mod not working in multiplayer.

    Hello Truckers ! I have a slight problem... here it is: I do have the 750hp mod for all trucks which is compatible in MP, working on the update of the game but, when I launch TruckersMP Launcher then click on "Start ETS2" when loading my profile (which is the one from my VTC) it states: "MODs Disabled, you may check for dependencies, or if the mod is compatible. List below:". I downloaded this mod from a reputable source cough ets2mods and the author wrote "Tested in the last game update, and in multiplayer" the ISSUE is that it DOESN'T plain works, as though it is stated in the Allowed mod list that indeed it should work. Please help me fix that very annoying issue.
  6. Hey there !

    How are you doing ?

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      im not awake. sh

  7. I do have 0 posts... because I do not know what to share... maybe I can try sharing funny ETS2/ATS stories :/

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      Don't post like kravatie

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