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  1. Jastronit

    Road to Simulation

    I accept Changes. It is ok for simulation server. But why does the arcade server have the same save-edit limitations? except 3.3... Australian truck simulator does not exist, why can use b-triple or special Cargo for arcade server? Arcade server is boring has nothing to entertain except speed...
  2. I play with HCT CD road 3days... crash counter: 70% cars! 20% truck without trailer high speed 10% other 0%! with other double/triple trailer maybe lucky?
  3. Remove restricted zone for all! Maybe add new restricted zone to CD road for most banned or hazzard driving player. :) Or add AI traffic (RIP Calais-Duisburg) :D
  4. Can not connect! EU2 - full EU3 - full Thank you team for allow double trailer in EU!
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