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  1. I tested your two ideas and I do not know how, I succeeded. But when restarting my pc everything is gone. When I activate the free hand of the helmet, the microphone and headphones work together but the sound is rotten. I managed to conclude that it was the microphone that cut the sound but I have no way to have both at the same time at the moment
  2. There is nothing else to plug outside of my headset. The volume mixer indicates that all sounds work and are well on my headset.
  3. Hello, having no support answer I post my problem here hoping that someone has the solution. When my headset (bluetooth) is connected to my pc, everything works correctly until launch ets mp. All sounds are working but I have nothing in my headset game included. Thank you in advance for your assistance. You can reply to me from this post or by mail ([email protected]) (Excuse me for the English of this article. Everything was written with google translation)
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