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  1. Avatars from players are not displayed even though the check mark in the settings is set. I have this problem since months but now i wanna know if its fixable?
  2. Launcher Opens: >Unexpected gameversion XXX "Do you need help to downgrade?" it would be easier if the client would say. Downgrade / Update ETS2 to : Adn then the one we need from the "Betas Tab" Currently we need "Ets 2 Public beta" So the launcher would tell the player "Please Change game version to: Euro Truck 2 [Public beta] e.g the game version needed.
  3. I am using the /pinfo , but i thought there is a easier way ^^ but i can deal with that, still thanks.
  4. My friend was temp banned ingame and showed me the clip. The Admin how banned him could see ALL TMIPD's directly behind the Trucker ingame name, no need to open the "scoreboard" or "list"... So TRUCKER NAME (Player Ingame Number) (TMPID) How?! How can i do this?
  5. Every time i go to sleep to get new missions my game freeze's. Same at my buddy. Since the last Update, never had this problem before. (Always newest Steam Version and no experimental builds used)
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