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  1. I do not know why 110 KM/h is at all like 150 KM/h, I do not know why such a change. btw more admins in game pls
  2. Nick w grze: Kappirano Wiek: 20 Miejsce zamieszkania: Polska Sterowanie: Myszka SteamID 64 lub adres do profilu steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/hmm_Kappa/ i steamID: STEAM_0:1:116509469 Staż w grze: około 2 lata Czy dostałeś kiedykolwiek bana?: Tak, niestety, ponieważ miałem słabego kompa, a teraz mam dobrego. Przedstaw się: Mam na imię Dominik i mam 20 lat. Interesuję sportem, e-sportem. Bardzo lubię pomagać, jeździć w trasy w ets2. Mam w przyszłości chciałbym zostać kierowcą autobusu. Inne: Mogę pomóc przy firmie np. Pilnowanie porządku itd.
  3. When I go C-D, I see how many accidents when someone is ahead of this is a tragedy.
  4. Well, true, C-D is a nightmare of what's going on. You must always be careful!
  5. This is TMP's excellent decision! @dragonslayingmaster1000 Because it is a bit difficult to drive, if someone is ahead and has a long way to overtake him. I think so.
  6. I really like double trailers, and I do not like normal.
  7. Hello. Suggestion Name: Electric Car Suggestion Description: Electric cars that do not make noise Any example images: I do not have Why should it be added?: I have an offer to add an electric car that does not make noise very quietly. I think that a lot of people will have better than current loud cars
  8. @Max15kmh I have it too. People work to make everything work well. Maybe. Properties - BETA and select a beta.
  9. @Guest Chinois&Cinesi&Kinesisk Hello. I once had the same problem with the ping in the games, but I bought a new internet does not have this. See if the system downloads anything or other systems.
  10. @TheFloxiCz I think that soon you will be able to join the servers! "We are aware of the recent ETS game update and that it is not compatible with the mod. Our devs are working to get the mod compatible again as soon as possible. ATS is still working!"
  11. A very nice idea that there would be a new car in ets2mp to introduce something new.
  12. Mi chodzi, że np. Zjadę na pobocze i zaciągnę ręczny to tych świateł stopu nie zapalają się. Jak hamuje "s" to się świeci a jak ręczny to już nie.
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