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  1. Happy Birthday George xo

  2. The convoy today was really nice, sadly the servers struggled but nevertheless loved it, Thanks to all the staff :)

  3. It feels so nice to get back into streaming and talk to old pals. 


  4. Had a lovely Stream today however i did crash 2 times :(

  5. So as a Christmas comes to a close, I just wanna thank the community for making this year bearable, I honestly mean that, I have spent so much time with this community, more than usual. I have had the biggest laughs with you all, some to the point where my belly hurts. Thank you so much :) x


  6. I wouldn't say I am brilliant at save editing.
  7. Merry Christmas everyone, Hope you all have a great time :)

    1. Λ S L Λ N

      Λ S L Λ N


    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  8. My personal favourite preference has gotta be the Scania. It is smoother to drive and it feels cleaner and more spacious inside.
  9. It is very refreshing going onto ATS at 2AM and heading into Las Vegas truckstop. It was loud, crazy and funny. If you have the time I suggest you take  a visit

  10. I have been in this community for a long time. The one thing I love about this community is the love and support, Being able to have close friends I can laugh with and rely on is a really special thing. Love to hear the responses Shay
  11. If you listen to Crimbo music before december block me x
  12. As a film student I love all genres, My favourite has to be Comedy as there is lots you can do with it.

    Lovely lil drive with @TFM_Flaming @Nathan7471 and @TFM_George - Our trucks look hot




    1. .George


      They look nice - but - could you get any more lights on your truck? :LUL:

    2. Shay_Gaming


      I can get more, a lot more.

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  14. https://imgur.com/a/6Bug4Oq
    Found some old photos of when I drove in Pride Colours. They dont look too bad

  15. Next year I am planning on becoming a more active streamer, I'd love to hear yours.
  16. Thanks to all who drove with me at the save the children convoy, @TFM_Flaming @TFM_George @TFM_Flynn

  17. Do you ever sing whilst the music is playing?, I would. Would you do a show called Matts mood dampeners? And Finally can I have a shoutout?
  18. I cycle a lot, I also do a morning paper round to keep me fit(ish). I am a film student at my local college so that keeps me educated.
  19. My favourite song is My heart will go on, especially with Vexus singing it
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