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  1. Do you ever sing whilst the music is playing?, I would. Would you do a show called Matts mood dampeners? And Finally can I have a shoutout?
  2. I personally like taking Hay from farm to farm, I like the idea of local jobs.
  3. I cycle a lot, I also do a morning paper round to keep me fit(ish). I am a film student at my local college so that keeps me educated.
  4. I like the style but the name will have a few problems, Scania had a problem with Mercedes about it being called S730, Scanias are now called 730S. So I think the name will be editied
  5. They would fit in on the C-D road
  6. My favourite song is My heart will go on, especially with Vexus singing it
  7. Lately I have been really into driving and streaming, I think the change to Crtz Carriers did me some good. (still love viva).

  8. Personally I love the thrill of driving on that road, I have to remind myself it's only a game and I carry on. I have reported people for being reckless but I have memories of really funny moments on that road, I find driving with friends is more enjoyable.
  9. Took the old DAF out with the new Viva trailer supporting LGBT, Here is a few snaps Pride Pictures
  10. As a Twitch streamer, I wanted to know if people actually enjoy streams and what they want to get out of a stream?
  11. https://imgur.com/gallery/D9rf7Ux

    Lovely Drive with AthenaAGaming And Lego

  12. Thanks for the follow!

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