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  1. btw is there also a navigator for this and legal to use
  2. GetRektMate

    trailer mod

    Hello everybody , I like to use a mod so i can see on my phone the speed of my truck but i don't know or this mod is allowed and so yes wich do i need to download can sombody help me?? Kind regards,
  3. its just because to many people is joining at the same time just be patient
  4. plz just wait there are alot of people joining the servers at the same time maybe just wait like 30 minutes than join there is a big mass of people that is joining right now
  5. nope there is no way just need to wait and you can p;ay as soon as possible
  6. wich game should i play

  7. but still they got a good team
  8. i think faster because they got a good team.
  9. they need to set the config right i think so the truckers mp is matching with ets2
  10. sadly yes we just need to wait for truckers mp update but im sure they are working hard
  11. Dear devolpers, I like to play the truckers mp but there is one problem the ets2 is running on but the truckers mp is now currently running on pls update i like to play with my friends kind regards
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