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  1. i agree it will add much fun and realism to the game
  2. ok i got the answer ... thank u all ♥
  3. srry but if i want to talk to one or group of ppl that near me in the road how i can i talk to them and what channel to talk to them
  4. how i use the mic in the game ? i press "x" and i speak in the mic is that the way trucks around me hears me out ? or this us wrong ? so how to use it so the trucks around me can hears me out ?
  5. what about opening the truck doors window option ? i think it will be gr8 that i can open my window so i can listen more to the road and to the engine and maybe if they add wind sound effect it will be more greater so what's u all thoughts about that's idea ?
  6. well i hope u be able to see one ♥ well that's will be great thanks
  7. well it's never too late my friend .. i hope u catch up t\with this event ♥
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