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  1. Hi, How you know that your account is not activated? Also, did you check if your CAPS LOCK is off during typing? This happened to me once while i was trying to login. Or maybe you use multiple password and forgot which password you used for TMP?
  2. I am working non-stop on Web Development but my research is kind of wide range. So here are my lists: 1. HTML, CSS, BootStrap 2. Javascript: Raw JS AngularJS VueJS 3. jQuery 4. PHP Raw PHP OOP MVC Framework (Symfony, Laravel, CakePHP, Zend, Phalcon) 5. Java (Both Web App and Android development) 6. ASP.Net 7. Swift (For iOS, still under research) 8. Python (For server automation, nothing more) 9. Little bit of C++ 10. Database: MySQL MS SQL MongoDB That's it for now on my side.
  3. So good to see you guys. You guys are just amazing. We are glad that we were invited in that convoy. Greetings from LTBD, Bangladesh.
  4. Hi @Toothless FLY [ROK]LSh.st , some of my friends have the similar problem. As per @El1teZombiezHD this is the reason why you were not able to download it normally. When my friends fail to download Truckersmp or update it, they use their mobile network. They connect their PC/Laptop to the mobile network and this way they solve their problem (just an alternate way). You can try this if possible.
  5. Hey guys, thank you very much for your appreciation. I would like to give special thanks to @Chris - TFM for giving LTBD such respect and honor. It was one of our goals to become one of the biggest and best VTC in Bangladesh as well as in Asia. I believe we completed that goal. Currently, we have listed 95+ drivers in our VTC. If you want to know more about us, our VTC and our members, please visit our official website http://www.legendtruckersbd.com. Also, we would love to do convoy with any VTC who is interested to do so together. Please give us a message at https://www.facebook.com/legendtruckersbd/?ref=br_rs, we would love to hear from you. Once again, thank you very much for this.
  6. Well, i believe that you just deleted all files by SHIFT+DELETE or something similar but not proper uninstall. This way you only delete the files from your directory/folder but not for windows registry system. Now, to solve the problem, you can download and install Advanced Uninstaller which will help you to remove leftover windows registry keys for old version that were not deleted. After that, you can try to install again. Hope that helps you.
  7. Is your profile linked with Worldoftrucks? I remember when i bought new DLC, after i enter MP, it asked if i want to verify and add my DLC or something like that. I clicked accept and then it showed me that its verified and added successfully to my Worldoftrucks profile. Did you see something like that and clicked cancel?
  8. I would like to have that mug as I am a coffee addict.
  9. What if someone fails to answer the question about Italy that will be asked?
  10. Really happy to be a part of such big and great community. Keep up the good work guys. All the very best.
  11. Hello,

    I am William Gomes, founder of Legend Truckers Bangladesh, one of the biggest VTC from Bangladesh. We arranged a convoy tomorrow, 23rd July at 17:00 (GMT+02). This is our 8th monthly convoy and we are expecting more than 50 player in this convoy.

    Here is our convoy event: http://ets2c.com/view/66376/legend-truckers-bdtm-szczecin-service-station
    Our website: http://www.legendtruckersbd.com

    Our convoy details: http://www.legendtruckersbd.com/convoy/legend-truckers-bangladesh-8th-monthly-convoy/

    Our members: http://www.legendtruckersbd.com/about-us/

    On our last two convoy, we had around 40-45 players. We also faced problems like random players rammed our players or blocked our road and so on. I am requesting, is it possible to have support from an admin during our convoy? We will be doing convoy in EU#3 server.

    Please let me know if its possible. It will be much helpfull for us and our team. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Best regards.

    1. Mirrland


      For future reference, I'd recommend PM'ing him directly or use email by emailing [email protected].


      If people block the road or ram you, you can always record and report them by using the reports function on the website.


      Happy Trucking :).

    2. William.F.Gomes


      Hello Mirrland,


      Thank you for your reply.


      To be honest, in our last two convoy, we already tried your suggestion but it was not helpful. Last time, we had to change our server from EU#3 to EU#1 because 3 random players were disturbing us and even after reporting them by our players did not help as there was no active admin ATM in EU#3. Thats why we are expecting that this time at least there will be one active admin in EU#3 server tomorrow from 17:00 to 19:00 hour at least. This will be very helpful for our team and other players who will participate our convoy. We are expecting at least 50 players in this convoy. Hopefully we will get support.


      Best regards.

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