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  1. Scandinavia, mainly because of how beautiful it but also because of the double trailer.
  2. I don't use the HUDs (mirrors, gps). When I play in singleplayer I use HTC Vive from time to time. For looking around I have the Follow Wheel setting and the pads on the back of my wheel.
  3. I wish there was an optional server that ran Promods for those who wish to use it. The standard SCS map gets quite repetitive in my opinion while Promod gives you some variety.
  4. I use the pads on the back of my G27 to look to the left and right so that I can see the mirrors properly. I don't like the UI mirrors.
  5. This isn't really an interest that exists within everyone who plays ETS2 but back when I was running my VTC we were focused a lot on the roleplaying aspects and really doing that little extra to spice things up.
  6. I do game development on the side of my real job. I also have a great interest for airsoft and milsim units.
  7. I think this is a cool idea. I know that it would probably be seen as a waste of space but, it would be really interesting to see different types of police vehicles. I personally love the swedish Volvo XC70. It's already in the game as an AI vehicle so perhaps that could be taken into consideration?
  8. I personally don't change my truck that often. It's on rare occasions if we have a convoy and want everyone to drive something different during that convoy.
  9. I gotta say that i prefer convoys if it's with people i know and that you can chat with. Though, i don't complain over solo driving.
  10. I stay under the limit. If i ever go over the limit, it's usually by 10km /h for a few hundred meters.
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