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  1. For example: make all the ai cars buyable and add some more trailers that we can use Suggestion Name: take all the ingame pickup trucks and make them buyable Suggestion Description: so hear in the usa we have something hotshot trucking it's where you haul for a single customer that the Freight need to be ship quickly and they use any types of trailers Any example images: the are the flatbed and a enclosed car hauler Why should it be added?: add something new for people to use in both ets2 and ats multiplayer and it would be cool to use the trucks to do stuff you really can do that with the Scout
  2. For example: have an translator script Suggestion Name: translator script in game Suggestion Description: i would like to see if possible to translation script in game text chat so i can see if people are talk to me for other because i know some people in the community speak english and maybe don't speak any other languages so it would helpful to have a translation for whatever people language they speak and this could work vice versa for people who don't speak english at all for don't know that much maybe this could come to voice chat in the future Any example images: no Why should it be added? this should be added like i was saying in my description it's especially hard for me to understand what people are say in other languages and this could work for people who don't speak english
  3. For example: promods for atsmp Suggestion Name: promods Suggestion Description: it be would be cool to see atsmp promods i am pretty sure it's still in development but it would be cool to see it come for atsmp Any example images: Why should it be added?: it might help bring some more player to the truckersmp community that you can play promods on multiplayer for ATS and i have seen a lot of player play on the promods server in ETS2
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