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  1. Hi. It happened to me too. In order to fix it make a safr copy of the ets2 folder that its located on my documents. You really dont want to loose this folder cause it contains your profile and saves. Second go to steam right click on ets2 game and click on the Verify integrity of files. This should redownload any files that are probably corrupted especially the config.cfg file. If this does not work however the final and third solution is to completely uninstall the game and redownload it and install it again. I hope these solutions helps you. Please let me know if your problem is solved
  2. Truckers MP does not support 32bit version of OS. It supports only 64 bit version. Single player can run on 32bit version though. Can you please make sure that your pc is running under 64bit version?
  3. This problem also happens when you try to run the TMP launcher before you have steam opened and logged in. It happens to me sometimes while i forget to log in on steam first. Do this and it will fix. Run Steam as an Admin first then TMP as Admin too and it will work.
  4. Have you tried to restart steam? if this does not work try to reinstall ETS2
  5. Have you tried to restart your router? Some routers have a selection that its called "CRC" When this CRC is very high for example up to 10000 it slows down your internet speed a lot despite the fact that you get very good results on the speedtest. I had the same problem before while i was using my providers router it made my net very slow. After i ve changed it with another one that i got on market my problem was fixed. Try this for a start and after that please let me know if your problem is fixed.
  6. Another thing that you can do to reduce your ping is to connect your pc to the net using an ethernet cable and not WIFI because wifi sometimes its been affected by other devices such as mobile phones, tablets etc. Furthermore your ping maybe reduced if you usually restart your router. This is what i am doing many times. Another issue for high ping is while you are recording or streaming the game to youtube or twitch or somewere else. Streaming is using a lot of internet bandwidth. So try and follow this instructions that i gave you my friend and i hope it will solve your problem.
  7. I have the same problem too my friend we just gonna have to wait for the development team to finish updating to the MP to the newest version. Mind that in wont help either if you roll back to a previous version of the game. You will get the same error again. If you dont want to wait without gaming play on SP instead until the new update is released. This what im going to do too
  8. Good evening forum. Ive got a bit of a situation here well again XD. Just updated to the newest version of ETS2 and the MP wont start due to differences of the game version and the MP mod. My questions is this. The MP is going to be updated anytime soon or i have to roll back to previous version of the game? Thank you very much and looking forward for your reply See ya around Jaffa VTC Dinos CC
  9. Huge Congrats to everyone best of luck to achieve many more than 1m users. Also Congrats and best regards to all the staff for their amazing and helpful work.
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