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  1. @Sentinel_ Thanks your advice did actually work. Happy truckin'
  2. @[S.PLH]Warrior i'm level 100+ something so this should be the issue. Been playing this game for a few years now but all of the sudden this problem appeared and i cant figure out if it something i did or if a update screwed things up. kind regards
  3. Hi @Anriandor Thanks for he quick response. Unfortunatly these solutions didnt help. I'm known with the eco reset but this doesnt fix my problem it does fix the zero jobs problem whenever it shows up. My problem is really that not every job show up in the freightmarket. So I have like a max of 2 - 3 pages but when i visit the company itself more jobs show up. This makes it hard to sync my jobs with friends. What i wonder is if this is a problem i could fix in the settings or did i brake the game. It is becoming quite frustrating. kind regards
  4. Hello Not sure if i'm in the right place but i'm going to try and explain my problem. For some reason my freightmarket doesnt show all available jobs anymore. It shows a few jobs but when I go to the company to collect my load there seems to be a bunch of jobs the freightmarket didnt show me. Is this normal? Is this fixable? Or am i really going te be driving to every company in the city to get the best possible job out of this city. thanks in advance
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