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  1. I've read a lot of good concerns by players, and good answers by the mods. This is how things get better. We as a community who love to play this game have the ability to make this system work. Make good reports with good evidence to backup what the admins have to do. Those that camp in places and report every little thing need to stop. I see violations all the time. But most do not affect my playing in the game. I used to report players with cars and trailers till I was told it was only a kickable offense. So I don't do those anymore. We should only be reporting if another players actions ca
  2. Hopefully, you did not mean it the way you wrote this. Submitting a download link for the evidence is considered to be insufficient as admins are not going to download things since it may contain harmful software or anything similar, thus your report will be declined and a negative reputation is going to be given in that particular case. However, uploading them on (e.g.) YouTube (or similar) is totally fine as long as it is not too long (in that case, add a timestamp, please). What I meant is I set up an account on You Tube to download the videos to, and submit the link in t
  3. I can understand rating the reports sent in. That's why I downloaded recording software, editing software, and a place to download the videos for the reports I send in. I edit my videos to show only what is relevant to my report. There is a lot of house cleaning needed in this game, to eliminate those who refuse to get along and play the game right. I hope this new rating system will help to reduce the bogus and poorly done reports, so that the admins can quickly review relevant reports and issue bans as necessary. Currently the process of reviews by admins is erratic. Some of mine have been h
  4. Sounds like there are way too many players not following the rules. I can only hope the admins are able to catch up on all the reports, ban players, and start to see the violations drop, due to players seeing that they will be held accountable for their actions. I like the new system, very good effort to try and make the game playable for all.
  5. In my 15+ yrs of playing mp games, I have never seen a game have so many players in a server. It's a testament to the game, and the great work done by many with TruckersMP for this community. Well done.
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