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  1. Thanks for the help! I had already tried this but it didn't fix it. For some reason it works now. I don't know how it righted itself overnight but now I'm truckin' again!
  2. I tried that, but the problem persisted. For some reason the launcher is working now, so yay!
  3. I know that the update is causing the issue, but I wanted to know what (if anything) could fix it.
  4. Hey all, Today I decided to get the Windows 10 Creators Update early. It brings new creative features to Windows, including "game mode." I downloaded it early through the windows website. After the update finished I tried to open the TruckersMP launcher. Nothing happened, and all I saw was an error message (see attached). I opened up ETS2 singleplayer and it worked fine. I then reinstalled the TruckersMP launcher, and nothing the problem remained. I have tried compatibility mode, running as admin, and turning off game mode. Nothing has fixed it. Multiplayer was working just fine befo
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