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  1. Always using real automatic because I think the game else gets too hectic I prefer to play this game as relaxed as possible
  2. TTwerty

    ProMods release

    This is great! Does anyone have any idea about the biggest route possible?
  3. Iceland and Finland are insane in this mod Iceland because of the scenery and weather Finland because of the double trailer trips
  4. I just buy them all whenever I get a new DLC or map expansion as I just see them as teleports lol
  5. Damn still waiting for an update from Truckersmp's end, hope they release it soon! Thanks for sharing
  6. TTwerty

    TMP Promods

    I'm very excited for this as I like to drive extremely long routes, currently only about 4000km is max if you have all DLC's Also Finland will be very nice to be able to drive the double trailers further then the south Iceland also looks insane imo, will probably make it my new default garage
  7. I love the lineup pictures, they are so perfect in this Organisation also seemed to be on point, good job!
  8. I use light horn most of the time when I'm in this situation lol I only use normal horn when I'm passing a lot of players like a convoy
  9. Have a nice day :) 



  10. I think the current ban system handles players and trolls very different and fair I only come across trolls maybe once or twice a week and most of the time it's near calais or duisburg
  11. I read something about not being able to do Pink Ribbon event in the beta so be aware of that before you upgrade!
  12. Does the economy reset from console not work for this?
  13. It probably near impossible to implement this visually as there are only sound mods for this I also don't really see the point since you can stick out your head when looking backwards
  14. It's probably pretty hard to implement with the whole new map having to be checked but if it's feasible I think it would actually be very fun On the other hand, wouldn't it be weird people had to switch server just to have snow on the main map?
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