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  1. hi admin recently you ban me (https://truckersmp.com/appeals/view/56805 ) and i appeal the banbecouse the real reckless driver were other players not me, but you accept  the appel but you didn't revoked the ban and now i'm banned for one month unfairly.

    can you delet the ban please?


    1. Sgt Salt

      Sgt Salt

      You were involved in the accident that's why I didn't remove the ban from the profile. I just made it shorter to be nice

    2. .R.O.M.A.G.N.A.9.7.


      ok but if you see in the video i didn't hur no one on pourpose, other player were hurting each other.


    3. .R.O.M.A.G.N.A.9.7.




      thats the video of my ban

      at 5:30 they start hurting each other

      I arrive at 6:11 (the white scania)

      at 7:04 i try to avoid the collision betwen the green car

      and if you watch it a didn' nothing wrong 



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