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  1. Right! I have a little game for you kiddos.


    Give me 5 reasons why i should drive on the TMP realistic event on the 11th.


    3, 2, 1.... Go! Go! Go!


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    2. alexjj11


      @Crashon You are savage, loooooool

    3. MR_XY2


      @Crashon  just tell me why you think everyone is going to follow the rules? :lol:

      i i think only the usual #EU2 stuff won't happen there, but things like speeding, cutting of, failing to yield, ... will still be present ;)


    4. MR_XY2


      Nonono... not that kind of being a bad boy, i mean stay within regulations so you dont risk to get banned ;)


      by following the rules i meant also following real trafficrules, like speeding (going 60 in a 30 zone) wich i never heart about anyone getting banned for it lol-but the gamerules say you should obey also the real traffic rules(at least at the time i've really read them for the last time) :) 

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