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  1. It doesn't when the chat input field is in focus, hence why I suggested this. Otherwise I wouldn't have suggested it.
  2. Suggestion Name: In-game chat feature: TAB autocompletion Suggestion Description: In addition to the existing Enter/Return-key autocompletion that we already have, add TAB autocompletion to the in-game chat. Any example images: Why it should be added: Because a lot of users are already used to TAB being a default autocompletion button in various other text editors and chat apps, so it would be a simple accessibility-addition.
  3. I'm literally basing my info on me delivering it from random places on the map, and not the farm. I'm not just pulling info out of my ass randomly. My TMP profile shows 2/5 delivered, and I've done 2 deliveries in-game, none of which were from the farm. Hence, the info in the events post is misleading. Period. EDIT: And I've now completed the achievement without taking a single delivery from the farm outside Rostock. I even used the dispatcher for the last 2 deliveries.
  4. This events text is misleading and should be changed: You don't have to pick up seasonal cargo from the Pumpkin Farm outside Rostock for it to count towards the achievement. Any seasonal cargo anywhere on the map counts.
  5. Don't spread misinformation. You can always report a Game Moderator (or send in any type of feedback about anyone and anything) via https://truckersmp.com/feedback
  6. You know what text is, right? Sarcasm doesn't work on text like it does in person. You also ended your first line with "just a little joke on the matter" so one would expect any "joking" to be over at that point, and your part that you claim is sarcasm is in a separate paragraph by itself. If you want your sarcasm to get through on text, do a better job at it. And no, it wasn't out of context, because the rest of your message had no contextual value that would've made your last line stand out any different.
  7. If you're of the belief that SCS wants to shut down TMP, you're delusional. TMP has contributed massively to the continued popularity of SCS' games.
  8. You must be new here, considering this is your first post. Quite an unfortunate first impression to leave of one self. If they say they'll need more time to support an update, then so be it. You're not in a position to complain, mock or denounce such a statement when you have paid exactly $0 to utilize TMP.
  9. Todays Q&A stream is planned to take place on Twitch according to the calendar, but according to the info-section below the calendar YouTube is the platform you use for Q&A streams. So, just to request clarification: Will it be on YouTube or Twitch?
  10. The step-by-step guide is in the first post. It can't become more detailed than what has already been written, screenshotted and GIF'ed in the first post.
  11. That one was added after my post, can I can't change my vote now.
  12. I generally don't buy branded merchandise/clothing, so I put my vote on No. I've thought about doing it before, but ultimately end up not doing it. PS: When selecting "No", you can't submit your vote unless you also choose one of the multiple-choice answers. The multiple-choice answers should only be required for "Yes"-votes.
  13. Taizun

    HAULAGE 64 2016

    The first post has links to pages with more information, such as schedules and maps.
  14. Taizun

    HAULAGE 64 2016

    Will there be an official livestream of this event?
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