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  1. 终于忙碌完了,伙计!欢迎回来!😉

  2. Usually when I have time, when there is nothing else to do,playing ETS2 is generally about 4.5 hours,sometimes even more!
  3.                                                           I wish everyone have a happy weekend!😉



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    2. FORZA CEO l Liu

      FORZA CEO l Liu

      Have a nice weekend and Chou shi 为什么我看见你的照片跟马赛克似的😉

    3. (SRB) floppysrb_
    4. #51 Junior_002_BJ Plane
  4. My favorite is the schwarzmaller trailer,I don't know why I like this trailer!
  5. SCS can join in ATS that would be great,This can add fun to ATS,This will make me prefer ATS, look forward to it!!
  6. I have also had this situation,no need to worry, you can say hello to admin! But you can't violate the rules, just keep going! Or you can see if admin has any other instructions, follow his instructions to pass!
  7. Great idea,Hope it can be realized in the future,Adding more fun while driving!
  8. Usa la primera versión,luego espera a que se descargue, puedes ingresar al juego multijugador!
  9. I use a 6-speed gearbox and use a mouse to control the direction,W is acceleration, then A and D are upshifts or downshifts,No problem using it for a long time!
  10. This is a lot of work,Thank you for your contribution! This will be helpful!
  11. I usually prefer to use VTC colors, purple and black!It looks good too!
  12. Yeh, I also want to say that this trailer is interesting! don't know where the next state is!But look forward to it!
  13. Feel the excitement when driving on the C-D route,Relatively speaking, due to the flow of people, we can see a lot of traffic accidents! I can feel a lot of fun in it,Oncoming friends sometimes!
  14.                                                                                                Watch youtube while eating,nice!:kappa:


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    2. Seven .

      Seven .

      Butter cookies look delicious 😍 GK also looks very delicate, I love those GK:wub:

    3. [SK] - TeR*YongBao

      [SK] - TeR*YongBao

      spig i want to eat too:wow:

    4. Milo665 [BE]

      Milo665 [BE]

      Feel free to give me some :kappa:

  15. What I like is on the Promods map!That city is called Dublin! The scenery nearby is my favorite, driving on my own truck is a treat on the road!
  16. Most of the convoy runs on Sim2,And some players hate the reckless driving of some demons,And some players don't like congested roads! Don't want frequent accident rates,Admiring the beautiful scenery and enjoying a pleasant drive!Of course, there are different reasons to go into the Sim2 server! Players who enter the Sim1 server usually prefer crowds!Every player's thinking is different!
  17. Players who like to drive Skoda will love this accessory!Add it to add more fun!
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