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    This is shetland whats looks like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Su5weSQH1DY&t=15s
    heres the video and i hope you like it
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  1. Hi there how do i download telsa semi truck ??


    its for the ets2

  2. Hey truckers i got some news for you in the future when taking care of loads


    Beware of powerlines at the top even the bridges 


    I spoted the lorry that snaped the power line while i was working at scrap place




    This website dosent have a virus its well safe


    Be safe in real life truckers abd becarefull of the tall things


    kinds morlock2

  3. Is promods safe or no ???


    i am no 100% sure =(

    1. Positivetrucking168


      Promods does not have viruses if you download it from its official website.


      But if you are talking about using Promods on TMP, it's not supported. 

  4. hi 


    listen i was looking for tshirts and jumpers if there a link or no


  5. hello everyone 


    i being seeing on youtube that everyone is so populer on telsa truck and its FANTASTIC 


    its very fast and powerfull 




  6. Hi there i got 1 good point there




    is that a glitch by the car by the wheels


    thanks by morlock2

  7. hello there i got some news to tell 


    I watched that video that how to avoid collusion if guy is doing bad overtaking and i think u need 2 go 2 see the damage of your velecal and press enter and after that say no after he passes u 


    founded this video: 


    1. FernandoCR [ESP]

      FernandoCR [ESP]

      Doesn't work anymore, if you hit F7 while driving, your truck keeps moving.

    2. morlock2


      ah shit

  8. mm some of u is right but maybe in the future
  9. hello there i was thinking since when i was watching video. but since i was listeing to trucks engines but why does staff just put something else rather real life ones is it due to money or sound problems by morlock2
  10. morlock2

    ETS2 failed start up

    never mind just lock it
  11. morlock2

    ETS2 failed start up

    Game: ETS2 Mod Version: 1.31 Controllers Used: Xtrust steering wheel Description of Issue: when i click ets2 mp and it failed due to update But is the developers are updateing something or no How to reproduce: no idea Screenshots / Videos:none By morlock2
  12. wow LIGHTOFGOD you are very busy dealing with the forms in the companies. 


    Since players whernt follow the rules properly.


    But are you suposed 2 put these locked forms in the Trash 


    by morlock2

  13. Hello there i got 1 questions to ask 


    1 is giving away maps not allowed or just scamming ???

    due to laws 


  14. so hows everybody doing today