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  1. morlock2

    Which You Prefer ? DLC New Mexico vs Oregan.

  2. is the /fix on trailers avalueble or did it got removed for some reason

    1. DJ Jefferz

      DJ Jefferz

      /fix only fixes your truck. Not the trailer.

  3. hi there do you know how to make your own tag for your user???


    1. BL4CK$K1LL


      Hello. If you want to change your tag in MP in-game you need to press TAB, open settings and change it there. If you've any other questions feel free to ask ;) 

    2. Rev.


      If you want to add a tag to your name in-game simply hit the TAB button and press the settings cog. In there, you'll find a field which allows you to input a customised tag with a colour of your choice.


      Please make sure your tag is appropriate and abides by:



      If you're looking for something else, reply here and let me know.


      Hope this helps,


  4. morlock2

    caravan glitch and how

    here u go
  5. morlock2

    caravan glitch and how

    Hi there after i done my job theres a bug problem while u click the freight cargo jobs that money has gone too high when u see the caravan jobs just to let u know that it needs to be fixed it can cause cheats on experience and money sending up a photo hold on
  6. hi 


    listen i was looking for tshirts and jumpers if there a link or no


  7. mm some of u is right but maybe in the future
  8. hello there i was thinking since when i was watching video. but since i was listeing to trucks engines but why does staff just put something else rather real life ones is it due to money or sound problems by morlock2
  9. morlock2

    ETS2 failed start up

    never mind just lock it
  10. morlock2

    ETS2 failed start up

    Game: ETS2 Mod Version: 1.31 Controllers Used: Xtrust steering wheel Description of Issue: when i click ets2 mp and it failed due to update But is the developers are updateing something or no How to reproduce: no idea Screenshots / Videos:none By morlock2
  11. morlock2

    ATS MP problems

    Game:american truck simulator mp Mod Version: 1.30 Controllers Used:Xtrust sterring wheel Description of Issue: Scout flore still red and sometimes it causes a crash of my game How to reproduce:fix the scout flowr screen shots will come
  12. morlock2

    ATS MP problems

    ok thanks but i will sort it out
  13. morlock2

    ATS MP problems

    Hi there i notice that when i went into the dealer shop I notice that scout flore is red lava HAHAHA just joking But still not 100% sorted and theres a crash problem can you fix that update Thanks
  14. Hi  there in real life am allowed to drive a hgv driver if im age 21

  15. morlock2

    update not working

    hello there when i press launch on multiplayer the error says unsupported version or some kind so i decided to close and report it version i used 1.28.1