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  1. Just to highlight an update... The Drive For Life website is now live and your VTC can book a Truckfest parking space via the site.
  2. Passing here on your profile to wish a great happy birthday, enjoy your day, today it is your BigDave!


    I hope to drive with you one day in Multiplayer!


    Best Regards,

    JTrocks55 😍🕶️

  3. Way back in early 2014, when it was called ETS2MP. You could drive down the road for miles and if you saw one other person you would be amazed! Everyone beeped their horn at each other. The desync was unreal and you pretty much had to keep about 500 metres away from each other.
  4. I too have been on the planning and operations teams behind many events. Ensuring that these events can go ahead smoothly is really important and getting the help, support and all relevant information from TMP is vital to this. Mostly, TMP have been very supportive with any of our requests. I do, however, completely see where there is a possibility for people to abuse the system and this is totally unexceptable. Going forward, what I think would be a good idea is to try and engage the TMP team as much as possible in charity events. Have the TMP team almost as a regulatory body who
  5. Happy Birthday Big Dave

  6. Anyone have any ideas why TruckersMP says a friend of mine has the wrong game version and needs to get the latest, despite him having it already.

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