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  1. Happy Birthday to you 

  2. Suggestion Name: Multi-coloured in-game tag Suggestion Description: To celebrate pride month, but maybe even permanently, I propose allowing multiple colours to be available to be selected for the in-game tag. This could be either a few preset colour options or give the user complete control over which letter/word is displayed in which colour. Example: So an example of a preset option could just cycle Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Violet for the duration of the tag. So like this TruckersMP. Another option would be to allow users to define a colour for every single letter or word, but I feel that this could get messy, but would add more flexibility. Why should it be added?: To celebrate pride and to add more options to the in-game tag
  3. Way back in early 2014, when it was called ETS2MP. You could drive down the road for miles and if you saw one other person you would be amazed! Everyone beeped their horn at each other. The desync was unreal and you pretty much had to keep about 500 metres away from each other.
  4. I too have been on the planning and operations teams behind many events. Ensuring that these events can go ahead smoothly is really important and getting the help, support and all relevant information from TMP is vital to this. Mostly, TMP have been very supportive with any of our requests. I do, however, completely see where there is a possibility for people to abuse the system and this is totally unexceptable. Going forward, what I think would be a good idea is to try and engage the TMP team as much as possible in charity events. Have the TMP team almost as a regulatory body who will go through each event and ask all the relevant questions. This will of course massively increase the workload for the TMP team, but hopefully it will protect the end users who could be tricked into giving money to an event, which is not legitimate.
  5. Happy birthday :D 

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