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  1. Hello Admin,


    its me NAKLIYECI-SEFER. Thanks for the kind words. I understand that you cant undo the ban. I didnt take a pinfo of the other player, who insulted me. I just have a screenshot o his player name.

    I wrote to the Feedback page, hopefully to undo my ban. Im waiting now. Can you maybe help me to create a report for the player who insulted me ?

    That would be very kind.





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      Hello guys,


      thanks for answering me. The problem is, that I have to enter the Truckersmp ID of the player. I just have the name of the player.

      I can find him on the searching page, but I need the ID. When I write the name on the Perpetrator (TruckersMP ID only)  field it says "ID was not found"

      Im not a fan of reporting others guys. Do not get me wrong. I got a ban for insulting. Another player insulted me first and provokated me, after that I insulted him.

      I took a screenshot because I knew that he would report me. So he did it. I didnt as kind as I am  :). So we got the result. I am banned and he is playing around.

      Fair play :D

    3. GGF MD


      There we go. Thank you very much :).


  2. Hey Daniel Ramos, you dont have to wait for new Update. First make a downgrade: From to 1.27.x, after that click on NO BETA. So you downgrade to 1.27 and close the betas. So it will work. If it doesnt work please write on this topic, I will try to help you See you

    No jobs after Update to 1.27

    Hey thanks for your help. I just tried to do the sleep again and it worked finally. As "TP555"said F7 Enter doesnt work anymore.

    No jobs after Update to 1.27

    Hey I updated the game to 1.27 and installed the new TruckersMP launcher. But after that, i couldnt see any jobs in the game. I tried everything, but nothing worked. F7, sleeping, buying a new truck, changing the config data but I still cant see any jobs. Does somebody know how to fix it ?

    Police & Public Car Update Info

    Well ok, but Scripting a new bus would be very easy with this big community.

    Busses for ETS2MP


    Bad Drivers of ETS2

    Hello white William I dont know, why you say that you are white but anyway. When you play in Europe servers its normal, that sometimes people can crash you while overtaking, because of the ping. For example when the player who has the lower ping around 30-40 gets to overtake you ,he can see in the mirror, that there's enough place to get in the way. But he will crash you because you have the higher ping around 120-140. But unfortunately there are also a lot of kids doing crazy stuff, like ramming or blocking. I also got a ban, where i was provocated and blocked by a player. He accused bad language and took me to video What a provovcateur

    Busses for ETS2MP

    Ok thanks for your advice. You say it. OMSI really has the best functionality, but it still has no Multiplayer and good graphics. The only reason, why so many people are playing ETS2 is the Multiplayer ! Otherwise it would have the same number of player as OMSI 2 or other Simlulators.

    Busses for ETS2MP

    OMSI 2 The graphics of this game are a mess. You have to understand, that the only online playable Simulator is ETS2. Thats why everyone wants a Bus for it. Believe me it would let the game look much more better, when you see Trucks and Busses in the game. It would be a Trafic Simulator I think that you also would like to see Buses in the game. But you know about the rejection. In my opinion more then 50% of the MP players would like to see Buses in the game.

    Busses for ETS2MP

    Making a mod again is not the problem in my opinion. There are a lot of Modders in ETS2 MP which would help the team to make the mod. The reason for rejection is ridiculous. And thanks for the links, but I knew them

    Busses for ETS2MP

    Yes you are right. There is a video showing a scania bus, but unfortunately is years ago I dont think that a DLC will release. The SCS engine is very good for doing such stuff. OMSI 2 has bad graphics and the fernbus simulator is not playable online.

    Busses for ETS2MP

    Yes the logic is right. But there is a scout car, which makes the trafic very bad, because its used by kids and other heros The bus would be a very good alternative to a Truck. SCS said that a coach simulator will come out years ago. But nothing happened. Even ATS came out but not a coach sim. I also very like to play with Truck, but the Bus would be a perfect alternative I think

    Busses for ETS2MP

    In solo you have also a passenger mod, where is works very good. I think the passenger would not be the problem.

    Busses for ETS2MP

    Hey I would like to start a discussion about buses in ETS2 MP. I saw, that in the most citys of the game, there are bus stations. I think when we can use cars in the game buses would also be able. What is your opinion about this idea ?

    Police & Public Car Update Info

    I dont know why cars are allowed but not any Busses. The bus locations in the game are ready. And we dont have to wait for an official SCS bus. There are enough BUs mods, that work very good in the game. It would make the game much more interesting I think !