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  1. https://www.twitch.tv/lustvangoth My channel is active for more than 6 years now it had ups and downs, some people tryed to destroy it, some people still enter my channel just to hate. But still because im not doing this for money or fame i never gived up streaming its my hobby now :) at first it was part of my therapy because i am antysocial person and that will never change i have selected people i call friends and its enough for me :D I play many games and for some time i watch movies, tv shows and anime with my viewers :) In ETS 2 Mp i understand its a simulation so i dont respect all road rules because in real life you find often people who dont respect them so do i. Ofcourse i dont ruin other people game i dont crash to others i just drive very fast ;)
  2. A ja zostawilbym to w spokoju przynajmniej sporo osob ma kogo raportowac i moga sie troche dowartosciowac
  3. To jeszcze bylo na starej kierownicy 180 stopni tylko, nie pytajcie czemu jechalem na awaryjnych stare czasy ;P https://www.twitch.tv/videos/40604802
  4. Nie mylisz sie widac kto tu oglada ostro anime hehe twoje to SAO ale to bylo proste dla ludzi co sa w temacie
  5. Dalej nie wniosles tym nic elot. Tez jestem za ta blokada CB i tylko CB chyba ze ktos wyklina innego to wtedy banik
  6. Chyba kazdy to zna a widze ze brak no to wstawiam
  7. Takie szybkie pytanie jak sie dostaje bana w ETSie to ten ban tez sie wlicza w ATSa?
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