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  1. Long or short drives?

    i have gotten a load on wot that was 23 hours until it ended
  2. Spawn system

    the players name is visible before the truck so when you see a name slam on your brakes
  3. when i don´t get the tmpid on players i want to report and there name is in russian then i use google translate and use the keyboard on the page since that one will show the specific letters in russian
  4. Truck Brake Pressure System

    Turn off the realistic air brake then you can drive with an empty tank
  5. Anyone know good recording programs? here is a download link to playstv
  6. Anyone know good recording programs?

    Obs is free but i like nvidia geforce experience more since i can choose how much nvidia will save directly after i press a key i choose. So when i press / on the numpad my nvidia geforce experience saves 2.45 minutes. Nvidia geforce experience comes with the gtx 1000 series cards i have gtx 1060 3gb
  7. gps mod above

    third party mods aren´t allowed in mp
  8. Change Company on any Trailer

    might be possible with save editing but it is just to try and see the result but i think it isn´t possible since wgcc isn´t in scandinavia and doubles are scandinavia only
  9. connected on road

    it is only a kickable offence but i recommend to connect to mp in a no collision zone or on the side of the road away from high populated areas
  10. How to get the same job with someone else aka convoy

    You can use ets2 job sync to get the jobs synced for every one
  11. why does the ai have to be this stupid and do a left turn right in front of a old truck

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. trucker dashcam
    3. Texas Transports LLC

      Texas Transports LLC

      Nice truck but looks slow as hell :D

    4. trucker dashcam

      trucker dashcam

      @Texas Transports LLC 426hp i think it has as max and 60 tons with that one takes a long time so yea it is slow but it gets the job done

  12. i can´t velive how fast this happend was just going to pull out but then something else happend

    1. [SK] - TeR*NOYAN28

      [SK] - TeR*NOYAN28

      Wish all people have this luck :D

  13. Crash Truck

    I think your game is trying to find your economy so just leave tour game running and don't touch your pc and it should spawn you at service it can take a few minutes to 10 minutes. But just leave your pc and wait
  14. Would You Rather

    ets2 since i can mod my trucks more then in ats daf tuning dlc or mighty griffin
  15. Connection Error - Retry?

    just retry to download the update that happens sometimes but it can be fixed by just trying again