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  1. Gromm99[SWE/DK]

    HELP: an error occurred while contacting...

    problem solved thanks for helping the user. //locked moved to solved
  2. Gromm99[SWE/DK]

    Can i use Mods?

    Greetings @Katakuri due to there haven´t been any responce in this topic for more than 72 hours i will have to lock it and move it to unsolved, if you still have questions or still have an issue then don´t be afraid to make a feedback ticket Here. //locked and moved to inactive
  3. Gromm99[SWE/DK]


    thanks everyone for helping him, i will now move this topic to solved since best answer is marked. //locked and moved to solved
  4. Gromm99[SWE/DK]


    Greetings @Simulator Experiencer you can change your name to like test124895234523 and then your brother change name to simulator experiencer and he will be able to use it since your name is already something else. i hope i gave a good and helpfull answer also keep safe out irl.
  5. welcome back requieb

    1. H U N T E R

      H U N T E R

      Thank you mate <3

  6. Good Afternoon Gromm :) 

    1. Gromm99[SWE/DK]


      idk for how long but i have been following you for a while also thanks for the follow

  7. thanks for the follow


    1. XFMaster9666


      You’re welcome, I also thank you for follow.

  8. Gromm99[SWE/DK]

    Trailer wheel cover

    Greetings @ScottyTM that trailer is save edited with the colour but the wheel covers is on scs remolded trailers from 1.32
  9. Gromm99[SWE/DK]

    A ncz hack question

    question answered and user request to lock topic //locked and moved to solved
  10. Gromm99[SWE/DK]

    Error opening Truckers MP

    dav again @General18 [Ryzen] im super happy that you found out what caused your issue and got it fixed, i will now move this topic to solved since you got the issue fixed and don´t require more help with this issue. if you still have questions then you can pm me on discord or make a new topic or create a ticket. //locked and moved to solved
  11. Gromm99[SWE/DK]

    no jobs in kiel with double trailer

    Greetings @OlgaGamer did MrJonton01 answer help you with your question?
  12. Gromm99[SWE/DK]

    F7 job got removed

    @OlgaGamer the /fix cooldown is tmps command g7 enter that is scs, so if you want a f7 cooldown you will have to suggest it on forum.scssoft.com also since best answer is marked i will unmark it so this topic stays open and you can keep asking questions in here.
  13. Gromm99[SWE/DK]

    Kenworth W900 right mirror.

    Greetings @Spectre7734 try to verify game files on steam if same issue happens try different mirror graphic settings but if still none works then report it on scs forum as a bug
  14. Gromm99[SWE/DK]

    Finns det fortfarande svenskar och vart är ni?

    @Rasmus [SWE] vi snackar och kör ju typ dagligen dock är vi rätt ofta runt calais duisburg vägen eller i italien eller i tyskland
  15. Gromm99[SWE/DK]

    Register American Truck Simulator (error)

    Greetings @daniel91541 i can see that ats is now linked on your account so i guess your issue is fixed.