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  1. Hot topic #1: ETS and ATS 1.32 beta

    Ets2 1.32 beta has update ;-)
  2. Hot topic #1: ETS and ATS 1.32 beta

    Good update, but we need one more thing, TRAFFIC in MP, TMP have put a video with it, but it comes in 10-20 years?... Topic-idea: not good, why: more stupidity from peoples who have time to do stupid things... I have a VERY GOOD Idea for TMP: Is "EURO"-Truck-sim, u have EU server, so, block on the EU servers, all NON-EU IP's and the servers get less ping problems!!! (i'm root-server-manager, i know from what i speak,...!!!= So, be less Noobless, more logical work... And another point: U (TMP) impose ENGLISH as 1rst language, but u forget: EU has FRENCH as 1st European language, and NOT English!
  3. Released

  4. Released

    No, Speedlimiter is very good; u will drive faster? so buy u NFS or GTAV an do a truckmod for it... Players LIKE U ruin the game...
  5. Released

    no patch notes for, and
  6. Simulation and /Fix

    Ehm... TMP and Logical??? ehm... ... ... NO ! (why not? TMP have promis to do a pool and to do what we will... RESULT: TMP DO NOT WHAT WE (the community) WILL !!! and after the result, to come with the answer "sorry, we not do what u want why not enought people has answer the pool" is NOT LOGICAL; Why? TMP do what TMP will and troll us with a lying-pool). Gn8 people and Happy-Trucking
  7. Simulation and /Fix

    and to FIX Trailers too... ANSWER: " We disabled the /fix command entirely on our simulation servers. Servers that have the speed limiter enabled are being considered as a simulation server, so those who request an event server with the speed limiter enabled will not have this command available. " RESULT: Fix enable on all server with Speedlimiter disabled. Fix disabled on all server with speedlimiter enabled List of servers:
  8. Released

    5 (or 6 updates) in one night... wow TMP...
  9. Released

    There sleep, look at time... lol We wait a week for Patch-Notes... but nothing coming...
  10. Released

    they have crashed Eu2 lol
  11. Released

    Whats now? Update --> Server 2! OFFLINE ! ????
  12. Released

    LOOOL How St... are some people here... Delete my answers... why?! No, i like to repeak all this: 1: The Patchnotes is so "hard" to explain, that is so difficult to explain, ask about it, or answer from us that do not fit, they are simply deleted GROUNDLESS... Is there still a TMP-foreign link in it, then apparently even more reason to delete it? People (Tmp-Team), please listen to us fooling around ... eg your VOTE-ACTION: you say, you let us vote and you would do it "like" ... and what did you do ?? ? ONLY WHAT YOU "WANT" ... and that's crazy ... Cancel this again if you are of the opinion, not to tolerate free opinion, but if so, you prove now more and more, that it is finally time for the competition ( The truckers, have fun, SP like MP
  13. Released

    how he make it:
  14. New Years Giveaway [2017/2018]

    And the winners are?
  15. Released

    Thanks for this. But one question. Where are the "other tank places" at the petrol stations in the mp?