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  1. Holy McCount

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    No, What is your favorite route?
  2. I've dealt with escort details involving pilots irl before. In my case the escort required a front pilot vehicle with a height indicator on it, a normal pilot vehicle in the rear, and then me. My job was to follow behind the escorted load on four lane roads and drive in front on two lane roads. I would also block traffic at intersections. My lights were also blue. The load in particular was overheight and over width.
  3. I am almost positive it is a bug from the winter mod. I remember seeing this when I played single player
  4. In what ways will a 64-bit version of the game affect the multi player mod?
  5. Multi destination deliveries would be kinda cool. The trucks that would unload at the grocery store I used to work at would useually have 3-5 stops to make with the single trailer they hauled on their route. There are alot of things SCS could do.
  6. Soon to be 21. I live in the United States, and I am going to begin training at the state police academy later this year.
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