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  1. Hi, I know this thread hasn't been active since may, but i thought i'd go for a long shot. I've got the Save game editor, and even managed to decrypt my game.sii file. What i'm trying to do is find a way to populate all of the owned garages with the same truck, and then hire enough drivers. it's taken me over an hour in game so far, and i'm not even half way through just buying the trucks. I have bought and upgraded every garage available thanks to the real estate online thing in-game, but buying 595 trucks and hiring 595 drivers is pretty tedious :P Is there a way though editing the savegame files to do this?
  2. These are standard things in the original game, not mods. I don't have any mods for the MP version, other than the MP mod itself. There are no no attachers at all on any of the bullbars or the roof. I can't even add a bar on the roof. I apreciate that ATS isn't great for customization, but these are all things you CAN do in singleplayer WITHOUT mods. EDIT So, i just binned every mod i've got to check it out in singleplayer. There are no lights. like, none. It seems that this is my mistake, because i honestly thought there were spotlights and at least marker lights in the orginal game.
  3. I've only recently started playing ATSMP, and to be honest, i was surprised at the lack of atachments on the trucks. In singleplayer, i use Aradeth's VNL 670, with a modified engine producing 1468hp, for heavy haulage (100+ tons). I have beacons on it for wide loads, and spotlights for those darker nights and desert roads, but in MP, i can't even fit any spotlights. There are no attacher at all on the bull bars, no attacher for a bar on the roof for standard (in game) beacons, or even any horns, and definitely no attachers for spotlights on the roof either. Obviously beacons on the front are a no go, but the standard ones on the roof? These are standard, in-game things too, have they been disabled? Or am i just missing something?
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