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  1. Birthdays don't come everyday! Let's celebrate this special day of your life! :tmp:


  2. I definitely listen to Spotify a lot more. There are some amazing tunes on TFM late at night.
  3. [LKW Tr.] Adam

    what is your biggest fault on truckersmp ?

    My biggest fault is definitely when my wheel unplugged and smashed into a wall at a convoy
  4. [LKW Tr.] Adam

    Best cargo to haul on MP

    What is everyone's best cargo to haul on MP?
  5. [LKW Tr.] Adam

    Double trailers

    The restriction for the double trailers are perfect. Just imagine how much more chaos it'd be getting out of them places.
  6. [LKW Tr.] Adam

    Cartwright Group is coming to ETS 2

    Cartwright are an amazing business and hopefully bring a new potential trailers
  7. [LKW Tr.] Adam

    Favorite truck in ETS?

    Tbh I love to drive a range of trucks! The one I love is definitely the scania! Such an amazing truck and great for convoys!
  8. [LKW Tr.] Adam

    Volvo or Scania?

    I like both trucks. I’d like to see a Volvo modification pack! The scania definitely stands out more in my opinion