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  1. What is your favorite paint on truck?

    The TSRVTC Paintjob
  2. *realises it's only Wednesday...*


  3. which DLC for MP

    France, Italy and Scandinavia all have amazing scenery, Going East is a bit boring in my opinion but it's personal preference
  4. ∆Best Postcards Of Your Truck.∆

    There, have a few
  5. Would You Say This Trailer Is "excessively" save edited .

    As long as the hitbox isn't different, I believe it's allowed. Read below for more info
  6. Done with EU2, onto EU1

    If you don't want the speed limiter (which I hate), I'd suggest EU3, there are still enough people to make Multiplayer enjoyable but it isn't over the top
  7. MP Truckfests

    DriveForLife Truckfest is soon, Clara's Dream will be on in 2019! You can find out more about Clara's Dream here.
  8. What Transmision do you use?

    It depends on the truck, in my Scania and DAF, I use 6 speed, but I find that when I am driving Volvo's, 12 speed is the best.
  9. Favourite Truck

    I am stuck between two trucks, my DAF and my Old Shape Scania
  10. Do you think the new Scania has lost the 'spark' the old one had?

    I think that once they add Mighty Griffin to the new Scanias, they will be a lot more enjoyable because you have that extra level of customization.