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  1. Road trains will only be an ATS thing with a higher trailer limit, ETS2 at most is getting B-Triples unless it also gets 5 trailer combos (don't.) Also, B-Triples are honestly easier to drive than HCT as it turns better in tight areas. Now, road trains are fun but impossible to load without mods to move loading zones in prefabs due to the extreme length
  2. it's easy to speed, it's harder to save mod A rule to allow 1-2 duplicate(s) of any accessory part zone with anything attached to them (maybe a beacon exception) with up to 5 total duplicates sounds easy enough to implement and still allows for full multi-bar setups. It's not like even without savemodding you can make some hideous all lights all the time trucks or become the lord of beacons
  3. Renault T at night (photo past click)


  4. Scania 143H in the desert (photo past click)


  5. Finished the event, time to drive in tech style (photo past click)unknown.png

  6. Had someone park next to me before taking photos, so a euro 6 MAN group shot


  7. Whipped up some quick MAN Euro 6 footage


  8. Hauling a yacht in my Scania 4 series


  9. Scania 4-series heavy haul truck


    1. caff!!!


      naturally, I take a 12t load which is the equivalent of hauling feathers

    2. JeffSFC


      It looks ready to haul all the regular trailers too. :lol:

    3. caff!!!


      I don't need 8 wheels of grip for regular trailers because I don't go 150 on C-D

  10. Driving a DAF F421 series truck (video)


    1. KaitanFox


      That old DAF F421 is a rather unusual looking truck in my opinion I didn't realize existed until just now. How interesting.

  11. Been playing around with the DAF F421 mod, mirror issues keep me from really enjoying the truck.



  12. Always been freelance, VTCs don't align with my interests nor do I feel like investing time in one.
  13. @[TAL] The_Wifi_Guy_10Are you sure you are looking at the config.cfg that is in the ETS2 or ATS folder, not the one inside the profiles? If there isn't one, you can just add the line at the end and see if that works.
  14. finished my ETS2 holiday cargo run, now for ATS tomorrow (pic past click)


    1. [MCG] Kien Giang

      [MCG] Kien Giang

      congrats on finishing event WOT on ETS2 :D 

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