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  1. Sad to say, watch your back from griefers and trolls. They can do anything to ruin anyone's day.
  2. I don't think admins will leave any reports behind. When I had to report, it took around no more than a week for an admin to check my report, but it was declined because of the lack evidence I gave on two car drivers that crashed into me truck by blocking me in a toll booth highway.
  3. You know I used to hate on cars a lot back then. But this was only to learn that it's not the cars, it's the lousy drivers that are controlling the cars. If you happen to get involved with a car crashing into you or whatever, you can record (if you have a recording software running) and report the incident. Let the admins handle the mess and you can relax; then the perpetrators can get banned and won't cause anymore problems. As much as I am sick of those crazy drivers, reporting them can make a difference. If you hate cars indefinitely, try playing on EU1. The server there is more peaceful with no cars, but there's a speed limiter on and doesn't have a lot of players on there than EU2, etc.
  4. Don't worry about those clueless people banning you. They're just trying to threaten you, since I'm sure you have done nothing wrong whatsoever.
  5. Try to avoid playing in EU2 when there is a lot of people. You would have the typical/usual there: trolls, traffic jam, etc.
  6. Don't exactly know what you mean by "Axor". Must be something I have never heard of or I just didn't know that it existed.
  7. Are you talking about the old and original Majestic trucks or something?
  8. Dodge Charger


    As realistic as possible, I set my rain probability to around half (50%).
  9. I actually feel the same as you are. Whenever somebody crashes into me, I feel like I want to crash them back for revenge. But then again, it's better to not give that person a payback. Best to report the person.
  10. I doubt it will or will not run.
  11. That would be a dumb move if the Viva La France DLC was set at a free price for everyone.
  12. I can understand that very well there. But as I got back to playing the mod, I can confirm that you can mute people that has a mic.
  13. I'm getting back to playing this mod. I want to ask if there's an option to hear people with mics or not. If there isn't, can I mute people in-game? Because the majority of them as I drive along speak in a different language and I can't understand them. Or, they are so annoying that they are causing everyone else a problem. Much appreciated for an answer.
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