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  1. thanks for coming to our weekly convoy much love <3

  2. never on the forums as of late makes a change :lol:

  3. thanks for follow :)

    1. DJ_Sukoi


      Np, i saw the good side of your company today,:) thank you.

    2. Tango Trans [owner] Elvis

      Tango Trans [owner] Elvis

      the good side ? you want to join @DJ_Sukoi :D

    3. DJ_Sukoi


      @Elvis | Tango owner Im alright, not really a company person, however good people are hard to come by on MP. 

  4. I have been in the community for about 4 years now I was one vtc which wasn't the best but it was interesting to see how they work but then I started one with a friend and for 3 years been managing one with 3 friends who I consider brothers it isn't boring because you meet new people and get to interact with people across the globe some people can be hateful and trollers but I wouldn't change not being in a vtc its such a amazing feeling we are very chilled in our vtc taking things way too serious you just lose the support of your team its great to be in a community / vtc of your own making !
  5. finally recovered from doing 24 hrs of the humanity 24 event on tmp the weekend just gone doing CC was worth it fully enjoyed every route well done to all the team who made it possible from gm's to event staff :) 

  6. - Steam Profile - https://steamcommunity.com/id/elvispresley77/ - Found out Truckersmp Through a friend - my favourite aspect about TMP is the community and the multiplayer aspect as you can drive with your VTC or friends all the time its such a amazing game the best game on steam without a question. - Features I would love in the future is more realistic scenery and more features to edit around with such as the truck and more countries to be added as well as other countries redone like Germany there are so many countries in europe that I would love to be implemented into the game on TMP
  7. yes it was resolved thanks it really helped me
  8. hello on ets2c I am creating a convoy for our company how do you get it to show say quarry on the information as it only has the basics port bus station truck dealer and service how can i get to say a certain trailer place or a quarry ? please help
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