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  1. thanks to all the birthday wishes appreciate it ?

  2. ATVTC 2nd Year anniversary & RLC Farewell Convoy


    Yesterday was the 2nd anniversary of Arab transport thankyou to everyone for attending & to all staff helping out including GM Support from Tony & Velo & Smiddy. It was a honour to be the Convoy control manager & hope everyone enjoyed themselves with the convoy+ real operations style theme in the convoy too recorded was about 400 in attendance so thankyou . ATVTC have always been good friends of mine @[ATVTC] Med Ali the CEO has been a good friend of mine for many years thanks to him for making such a good VTC .



    Now to RLC farewell convoy I would like to say many thanks to @Velo. for letting me be apart of the event team it was such a pleasure the best event team throughout the community it was always organised well & to the highest standard him & pascal since he took over from the event manager position in RLC have done amazing work , 600+ in attendance for the convoy was absolutely incredible no other VTC has managed these numbers & I don't think it will be done again by a VTC.

    Regarding RLC I would like to say how much of an honour it was to of known RLC throughout the years I have known RLC for many years since the start even know I was not in the VTC RLC was & has been the best VTC over the last 4 years no other VTC has managed to contain that community spirit & numbers as well as hosting incredibly populated convoys every week on a event server, I remember before that on public servers there convoys were no less than 100 people each time . It truly was a sad moment to see the best VTC close down I did become sad on that tuesday evening but I wish everyone the best who was apart of the RLC project you guys changed the community for the better more than any other I thankyou all much love & all the best to all involved.

    Images below from ATVTC Anniversary & RLC Event Team for the last time ❤️ 







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    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    3. Velo


      Glad to have you in the team ❤️

    4. [ATVTC] Med Ali

      [ATVTC] Med Ali

      Thank you so much much bro , really you are amazing friend for me , without you we can't do this big event ❤️ 

  3. assisting with ATVTC Convoy last week with @[ATVTC] King_Has




    @HandOfClash while I was afk after pries convoy ? 



    1. HandOfClash


      Amazing Pictures Elvis! 894203152872644658.png?size=96 Hope you had a lot of fun at the Convoys! (ohh and yee was afk for "only" 4 hours.) ❤️ 

  4. TruckersFM Birthday Convoy


    From sundays event was a honour to take part as Event team for the event happy birthday to TFM once again , Hope to see many more years of TFM the top radio station of the community !! ? ?





  5. elsaaaaa how are you long time ? 

    1. Elsassisch_Trucker [FR]

      Elsassisch_Trucker [FR]



      I'm fine thanks, how about you ?


      Yeah, very long time. I played a very long time on ETS2/TruckersMP and I wanted to switch to other games.


      Have a nice day :))

    2. -Elvis-


      its so good to hear from you ?


  6. happy birthday lad big noob ?

    1. super37s


      Thank you tati Lad ❤️


    Real OPS V12

    had a great time as staff once again with real ops event on ATS it was great to take part and be apart of this amazing team once again hope to see you at the next one ! with the staff at the end in the various Real OPS vehicles ? 






    Doing Loads with my boi ? @Jagman



  9. Matt thankyou for everything you will be truly missed sad to see you go bruv 

    1. Matt


      elvis big ups, thank you bruv

  10. Omar's Farewell Convoy


    Omars Farewell Convoy was yesterday it was such a honour to help out with the event Omar was a driver & Staff of arab transport he passed away from Covid . I didnt know him personally but I have been really close friends with arab transport considering I am not from a arabic country they always make me feel welcome & are always around for a drive or a convoy . It was truly an honour to help them as omar now rests I wish the best for his family & all the people around him as well as arab Transport much love & RIP OMAR ❤️ ?




    @[ATVTC] Abdou @[ATVTC] Med Ali@Bshara & SILOP,Ihab & thankyou to all other ATVTC's guys Sayed,king has,MOMO,Scary,Mouad,Moka,Moodi,7ussein,mo3idd & many others Photos below from staff photo much love ❤️ 







  11. super lad !

    1. super37s


      Elvis Lad! big fan ❤️




    At krews Convoy with the new VTC that has been reformed been an amazing 4 days incredible support from so many people ? 



    also with my top lad @super37s & fellow Event team partner ?



  13. admin big fan are you the Dusseldorf police :kappa:

  14. kien bro hope your well thanks for the follow event yesterday was fun ? 

    1. [MCG] Kien Giang

      [MCG] Kien Giang

      Yeah I hope you enjoyed it. 

  15. pogggg tark ❤️ good luck my fellow event team boi

    1. GEMINI.


      Thanks lad! ❤️ 

  16. Arab Transport Monthly Convoy



    At the Arab transport convoy this evening helping out as a supervisor always a fun time ? 







  17. Himalayan 1 year anniversary event


    Happy anniversary to himalayan : message below xD








    Regarding Himalayan I am super happy to see the VTC reach one year I remember when it was called go green before Himalayan started I never thought it would grow into this and it truly has turned into something special I have been friends with   @ReacherK @Winter~ @Arnav @super37s& many others in there some I knew from previous VTC tango but some new people also. They helped me get through a difficult period after leaving my role in tango transport VTC it was tough for me to leave that behind and they made me feel good about myself again. Seeing it grow from the start has been amazing even though I am not in the VTC and I do not speak their main language of Hindi, Himalayan have always been great friends to me as well as always welcoming me in the discord/voice channels on a regular basis & that truly means a lot to me so I am so thankful to them & I really wish them more years to come because these guys deserve it and they always try to do the best they can for the VTC & community there's not many like these people who try to do the best for the community not just for the numbers or to be the best but to give their all to make it a very welcoming place & that's more important than being filled with people who don't care that much or just to join for no meaning. once again congrats on one year as a VTC !!! ?

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    2. super37s


      Thank you for being here with us Elvis and for the help and support provided us it means a lot ❤️ I hope we will continue to bully each other in future. ?

    3. Arnav


      Thank you @-Elvis- for your kind words and helping us in the event. Means a lot. ❤️



    4. Nepotu.


      Nice photo!


    TFM Convoy


    had some fun doing event team for TFM on sunday (bit late i know) @super37s




    Checking out new AI vehicle with @SpectralProphet




    doing Lead for RLC convoy tuesday with big fan as my partner as co lead @Kaby70was great fun ? 



  19. king haaaaaaaaaaassss big fan bro ❤️ 

    1. King_Has


      Elviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu brooooooo❤️

  20. TFM convoy tomorrow will be fun ?

  21. omg me big fan ??

    1. super37s


      Big fan Elvis Sir ❤️



    Himalayeeeeen Convoy




    at the himalayan convoy this evening was fun with some nice roads !


    @super37s @Winter~ @ReacherK  





  23. Big Fan !!!!

    1. Winter~


      Elvis biggest fan bro ❤️ 


    Thank you to everyone for attending food for poor event today it was such a proud moment for me & for everyone involved thankyou to everyone including all staff for assisting with the event we have raised £150 so far & more maybe to come so thankyou everyone for coming & taking part also to TruckersMP for giving us a dedicated event server for the event


    At the end here are some photos of staff ?








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