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  1. @xGustav -Pentium G4560 -1060 3GB -8GB DDR4 -120+128gb SSD -1tb HDD I am soon going to upgrade the processor and ram.
  2. S9. I would change to an S10e
  3. There could be.. they teased a new gamemode once.
  4. AMD and Intel are both great options, the latest Ryzen CPUs look great too. Intel isn't always the best even though I am an Intel fanboy.
  5. Why do you care about the time so much? They'll atleast get banned...
  6. I like the G29 but you should check the Thrustmasters too.
  7. Can you describe your problem more? How can't you exactly add pictures?
  8. Will the TMP5 freeroam have no speed limit?
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