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  1. Hi, promods is not showing up after the new update. Is it because it's not supported or?
  2. Okay, I guess I will get the 2 remaining DLC then, thanks
  3. I am not sure whether to buy going east and vive la france to get promods because I think it's a waste of money, but what do you think of ProMods? I might change my mind.
  4. @xGustav -Pentium G4560 -1060 3GB -8GB DDR4 -120+128gb SSD -1tb HDD I am soon going to upgrade the processor and ram.
  5. There could be.. they teased a new gamemode once.
  6. AMD and Intel are both great options, the latest Ryzen CPUs look great too. Intel isn't always the best even though I am an Intel fanboy.
  7. Why do you care about the time so much? They'll atleast get banned...
  8. I like the G29 but you should check the Thrustmasters too.
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