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  1. Error occured

    Hey! When my friend starts ''TruckersMP.exe'', folowing errors comes: http://www.bilder-upload.eu/show.php?file=19b803-1503411957.jpg Can anyone help? Thank you & best regards, xaverracer
  2. June 2017 Cars And Coffee Highlights

    Hey Your videos are really good! Nice cars I think your videos could be little bit liquid (with more fps) Best regards, xaverracer
  3. xaverracer's Giveaways


    Hello truckers! This afternoon I will publish information about my pending giveaways here in the forum!

    The name of my post will be: xaverracer's Giveaways

    Be curious! :D

  4. positive feedback on a post

    Ah okay. Thank you very much for your answer! Enjoy your weekend! Best regards, xaverracer
  5. positive feedback on a post

    Ah okay. And will this possible in the future? best regards, xaverracer
  6. positive feedback on a post

    Hello, How can I give positive feedback on a post? I find the function not eg. in this post: Best regards, xaverracer
  7. Warnings about Useless Traffic

    I personally would find it very helpful if there was a rule that cars on CD are not allowed.
  8. Hello,

    I have a question:

    Am I allowed to create an channel ''xaverracer's Giveaways'' and am I allowed to post there monthly a form to giveaways?


    Enjoy your weekend :D

    Best regards,


    1. Anriandor


      As you can see here, this already exists so you are free to do it as well. However, when the topic is inactive, it will be moved to trash. Also, we can edit your topic so that it gets automatically locked once the giveaway is over.


    2. [AC] xaverracer
  9. ***NEWS*** ETS2 1.28 IS OUT ***NEWS***

  10. [BUG] I'm not unbanned for ramming

    Ban expiration time will end for you in about 20 minutes
  11. Merge both ATS servers into 1 server

    Hello, 1/2 month ago ATS EU#1 & EU#2 was merged into EU#2. But I think ATS US will keeped online because players from US will also play this game without high ping and lags Best regards, xaverracer
  12. [Biete] Talk und Gaming TS

    Hey! Cool, dass ihr sowas anbietet! Ich werde mit meinem ''Clan'' mal vorbeischauen Regards, xaverracer
  13. EU 3 (Test server)

    Ich stimme dir zu. Ich finde die Idee sehr gut und hoffe, dass viele Spieler den Server nutzen werden, damit dieser auch eine Weile online bleibt. Die Autos nerven halt mit der Zeit. Es ist schließlich ein Euro TRUCK-Simulator und kein Euro Truck & Car Simulator Regards, xaverracer