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  1. The end of Teamspeak 3

    Bad idea. TS is old but good. Many guys are still using TS³...
  2. Ban the person above you (game) V2

    Banned for a scary avatar
  3. Do not forget to sign up for my BIG free giveaway!



    1. LST-VTC Brads331 C.E.O

      LST-VTC Brads331 C.E.O

      oooh interesting :-

  4. Ban the person above you (game) V2

    Banned because you haven't reached 500 rep posts yet.
  5. In- Game Convoy System

    I think this is really good idea! Nice +1
  6. AC - EVENT ON EU#1!


    1. [AC] xaverracer

      [AC] xaverracer

      ...in Mannheim! bit.ly/ac-festival-2017

  7. Hey :) I've answered you in a personal message :)


  8. Event server (Form for requesting)

    Hello, I would like an event server for my event. It will take place on this saturday (See in THIS post). I have already clarified the formalities with @scarface0359. Now I only need ''okay'' from mwl4 or other staff, that an event server is available at this time. I wrote to the owner (@mwl4) several times in the forum, but he does not answer. Suggestion Name: Form for requesting an extra server for very big events Suggestion Description: There could be a form or section in which one can more easily, directly and bindingly request a server and get a clear answer (yes or no) from the owner. So the owner is less annoyed with forum messages (pm's). Any example images: No Why should it be added?: As I have already written, the owner and the admins are less bothered with such topics. Best regards, xaverracer
  9. Take a look to this event: Wanna join?


  10. requested event server - no response

    Hello, I wrote to @mwl4 about an event server. With @scarface0359 I have already clarified everything else. @mwl4 has read the message, but is not responding. Proof: http://prntscr.com/gnfwlz http://prntscr.com/gnfwqc Can anyone help me, please? I need answer because event is in 3 days. Best regards, xaverracer
  11. Why they become special server?

    Hello, why THIS event becomes special server named ''fun4all''? There are only about 35 people who will join. This is not meant to be evil, but I have been waiting a long time for an answer (from @mwl4 & @scarface0359) whether I (or we) get an event server for our really big event. (HERE) Best regards, xaverracer
  12. Don't forget to book slots for BIG Ets2-Event! :D



  13. [Giveaways] by [AC] xaverracer | #2 (XMAS)

    ^ Hello, Thank you for your answer. I had to change anything and apologize for this incident. Kind regards, xaverracer
  14. [Giveaways] by [AC] xaverracer | #2 (XMAS) opened!!!