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  1. Thank you for following me <3

    Welcome in the LSPD Group

    Und lass uns ein Bier anstoßen :troll:

    1. [AC] #felixggru

      [AC] #felixggru

      Vielen Dank :D Prost :P

  2. Ban the person above you (game) V2

    Banned because you're Currently Viewing Forums Index http://prntscr.com/i2ryfl
  3. New Police design

    Hey @LSPD Gamer, I agree with you! This police car looks great! Hope TMP will add this paint, but I think they should not remove the old repaints Thank you @scarface0359 for opening this post for Discussion! Best regards, #felixggru
  4. Is CCTV by kat.pw running on pc or server?

    Thanks for your answer -Rep my friend <3
  5. Hello, Is CCTV by kat.pw running on his own pc or on rented server? If it is running on server, on which kind of server? Regards,
  6. What type of server are the Ets2 Multiplayer Servers running on?

    Thank you all for your helpful answers! The topic can be closed Best regards, #felixggru
  7. What type of server are the Ets2 Multiplayer Servers running on?

    Hello, thank you so much for your answer! For example if I would Play any game like Ets2 on server I would not need GPU server? A normal server with a higher CPU is enough to play? Best regards, felixggru
  8. Hello, Are the servers running / is the TruckersMP server running on a root server? If so, does the server have a video card? I'm looking for a hoster who leases graphics card servers. Regards, felixggru
  9. Which SERVER do you prefer?

    EU#2 is my favorite Much people
  10. [Giveaways] by [AC] #felixggru | #2 (XMAS)

    Note: This thread will automatically close during the winner selection! Also note the following organizational things: 1. The winners will receive a friend request on Steam. 2. If the winner accepts this friend request within 48 hours, he will receive his gift. 3. Due to organizational reasons, there may be delays in transferring winnings! 4. If the winner did not accept the friend request on Steam within 48 hours, the prize is invalid and another participant can be happy 5. The winners of this giveaway (#2) will be visible in a spoiler at the start of the third giveaway (#3)!
  11. [Giveaways] by [AC] #felixggru | #2 (XMAS)

    ^ I'm sorry that the page may not be available in your country. My only idea: Try to use a VPN / Proxy. Best regards, #felixggru
  12. Oolala! :wub: I gave you the 1,000th Community Reputation :D

    Congratulation! http://prntscr.com/hp98y8


    Best regards :)

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      I'll go through my history and remove my rep points then :troll:

  13. #3#3 --->>> !!! STARTS on 30th January 2018 at 18:00 !!! <<<--- [ENGLISH] [GERMAN]
  14. Forum Post with automatic release date - possible?

    Hello @Anriandor Thank you very much for your fast reply. Your answer has clarified my question Best regards, #felixggru