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  1. Hi All. I found some bug in website when user would like search any player, after when user enter name player in field and clicked to `Enter` page reload and displayed alert error `Whooops, looks like something went wrong...`. Yeah i am sorry for my english Step to bug: 1 - Go to website `https://truckersmp.com/` 2 - Click to `Search` button 3 - Enter any name player 4 - Click to `Go` button
  2. But,another question,if in future i will have 6 bans (or permanent), how i will can play in online? If it impossible i think is wrong,yeah i am agree with all my ban, but i would want have able to play in online.
  3. Yeah i am understand you. But i am don't want create new account for play when i have ban. Because for this i can get new permanent ban.
  4. You are right it is not my native language.
  5. Thanks all, i understanded you answer. I think admin can close this topic.
  6. Hi. I spend a lot of time for this game and i sometime think about remove my account from game. I finded information about blocking my account but not delete. I have question. In future can i create new account and play again in multiplayer or restore my old account ? Thanks All. Sorry for my english
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