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  1. EDIT: Sleep work after reinstall #9999 times NOTE: • installing Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 • installing Microsoft Visual C++ 2005/08/10/12/15/17 Game freeze still wenn I try to take the furry. I dont need to wait anymore to unfreeze the game, cuz i was one time shopping for 2 hours and it doenst work, so dont give me that as a tip My Singleplayer doenst work's anymore wenn i use my profil with the MP Online. The SP freeze instandly. i'm totally fine here i can understand english well greetings PS: Hurry read first the Question then answere on this topic here! I will remember that ETS2 and the TruckersMP r totally new installed, that means no garage or something else. AND a Ticket is allready out but i hope for a quick answere here.
  2. Hello Forum, my problem is, that my game freeze or crash wenn i try to ferry to another countries. I have it everywhere from sweden to poland or netherland to england ! !!! After my game crashed and closed it with Task-Manager i try to open this game in Singleplayer but then the game crash instandly after 5 sec ingame time while doing nothing. i reinstalled ETS2 thats why allready 5 times. NOTES: • Game installed ( complett and fresh ) • TruckersMP installed ( complett and fresh with and without ATS ) • New Ingame Profil ( no drivers and garage complett new ) • Windows 7 64bit new installed ( i have to do that cuz of another problems on my pc ) • all needed driver's installed ( completly ) • Support Ticket is open but no answere yet. I cant open a crash report txt because no feedback from the game and close it with Task-Manager I hope some one can help me. AND PLEASE DONT MAKE unusual comments ! greetings and sorry for bad english xD im from germany so maybe here is someone who can answere me in german ^^ Nice help .. NOT
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