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  1. A memory from ProMods v2.27


    Good Night guys... :mlg_doge:


  2. https://imgur.com/4hSbGPR

    It's just a game bruh. Why are you being a racist!? SMH...

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    2. Dark Rafe

      Dark Rafe

      I wish I could get them in real life....

  3. Once i used to do youtubing, now it's almost dead tho!! :3 


    Good Night!!!! ^_^ 



    1. OBrasileiro


      Good night mate ! ;)

    2. BubbleMuscles


      Good Night Baya.video ta valo chilo:D

  4. 200k within 2-3 months? you play a lot!!
  5. Mine has 130,000+ I usually don't use mods, except map mods like promods... Whoa!! that's so cool bruh!
  6. whoa! Nice rig you got there bruh! Happy trucking!!
  7. It's not everyday you find a Lamborghini while hauling...


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    2. Dark Rafe

      Dark Rafe

      Yeah, i found them in Italia too but this lambo is here parked and way away from Italia that's why i said that! ^_^ 

    3. antrax737


      Mmm i saw one in Czech yesterday, you dont see that everyday indees.

    4. Dark Rafe

      Dark Rafe

      why am i out of reactions -__-

      btw yeah, i found this in ProMods! 

  8. Nice *_* Not yet! I'm still learning bruh! whoa! this is amazing!!!
  9. I change only if my VTC asks me to, other than that, Scania S730 is my love! cool, mine's now almost 30,000. my prev gen was 130,000+ km
  10. these are quite some examples! my fuel consumption is realistic, i try to play this game as much simulated as possible except when i'm with my friends! I wish i had a wheel!!! Thanks btw <3
  11. I have prev gen Scania with 130,000km+ Scania is <3 In MP i do this almost all the time!!! @Iron Spirit thanks bruh! will definitely try this!!
  12. What's the best mileage of your truck? Mine is 2kmpl with a Scania S510. I drive it for almost 17,000 kilometers. How do you manage to keep more mileage? Some tips would be great! Thank you.
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